Thanks to all of you who have supported A Different Drum as an independent label and as an online store for so many years! 

Todd Durrant, the owner of A Different Drum, is building a hobby business together with his children at the following location:

Any remaining inventory from A Different Drum's store will be sold on Ebay from this seller account:


A Different Drum started as a business in 1991 and now wraps things up in 2014, leaving behind a fun legacy of synthpop music.  These are all of the numbered releases from A Different Drum:



ADDCD1001 Various Artists "Rise! America's Synthpop Underground"  

ADDCD1002 Faith Assembly "The Diary of Winter" limited EP  

ADDCD1003 Various Artists "Mix Rinse and Spin"  

ADDCD1004 Paradigm "Lifeline"  

ADDCD1005 Brave New World "Understand"  

ADDCD1006 Faith Assembly "Her Deepest Sleep" MCD  

ADDCD1007 Paradigm "Soul Flight" MCD  

ADDCD1008 Brave New World "Regret" MCD  

ADDCD1009 Faith Assembly "My Mortal Beloved"  

ADDCD1010 KieTheVez "Three Empty Words" limited US edition  

ADDCD1011 Various Artists "Rising! Synthpop vs. the World"  

ADDCD1012 KieTheVez "Can't See This" MCD  

ADDCD1013 Brave New World "Winter Song" MCD  

ADDCD1014 Cosmicity "Isabella"

ADDCD1015 KieTheVez "Opium"  

ADDCD1016 The Nine "Our Tomorrow" MCD  

ADDCD1017 Cosmicity "Visionary" MCD  

ADDCD1018 The Nine "Native Anger"

ADDCD1019 Blue October "Incoming" MCD  

ADDCD1020 Blue October "Incoming"  

ADDCD1021 Faith Assembly "Red Ambition" MCD  

ADDCD1022 The Echoing Green "Electronica"  

ADDCD1023 Cosmicity "In Perspective"  

ADDCD1024 Elegant Machinery "Yesterday Man"  

ADDCD1025 Elegant Machinery "Fading Away" MCD  

ADDCD1026 Neuroactive "Phonic Trace"  

ADDCD1027 KieTheVez "One Roman Choir" MCD  

ADDCD1028 The Nine "Eternal Insane" MCD  

ADDCD1029 Brave New World "Groove Thing"  

ADDCD1030 Various Artists "Risen - A Different Drum Label Sampler"  

ADDCD1031 Faith Assembly "Shades of Blue"  

ADDCD1032 Cosmicity "Forgive Me My Syns"  

ADDCD1033 Neuroactive "Parallel Lifeforms" MCD  

ADDCD1034 The Echoing Green "If I Could..." MCD  

ADDCD1035 Brave New World "Apologies" MCD  

ADDCD1036 Blue October "Believe" MCD  

ADDCD1037 De/Vision "Zehn"  

ADDCD1038 Neuroactive "Fiber-Optic Rhythm"  

ADDCD1039 Iris "Danger is the Shame" MCD  

ADDCD1040 Iris "Saving Time" MCD  

ADDCD1041 Iris "Disconnect"  

ADDCD1042 Faith Assembly "Crash and Burn" MCD  

ADDCD1043 Cosmicity "Renaissance"  

ADDCD1044 Cosmicity "Too Far Gone" MCD  

ADDCD1045 Neuroactive "Put Your Trust in Me" MCD  

ADDCD1046 Various Artists "Mix Rinse and Spin volume 2" 2CD  

ADDCD1047 The Echoing Green "Music From the Ocean Picture"

ADDCD1048 The Echoing Green "She's Gone Tragic" MCD  

ADDCD1049 Cosmicity "Self Involved" MCD  

ADDCD1050 Neuroactive "Neurology (1994-2000)" limited edition 2CD  

ADDCD1051 Neuroactive featuring The Nine "Visualize" MCD  

ADDCD1052 The Nine "I Won't" MCD  

ADDCD1053 KAJ "Follow Me" MCD  

ADDCD1054 Count to Infinity "Jessica" MCD   

ADDCD1055 B! Machine "Infinity Plus"  
ADDCD1056 B! Machine "Temple" MCD  

ADDCD1057 Blue October "Stranded" MCD  

ADDCD1058 Various Artists "Summer Synthpop Festival 2000"  

ADDCD1059 Faith Assembly "Ghosts I Have Been"  

ADDCD1060 Count to Infinity "Once is Not Enough"

ADDCD1061 Iris "Lose In Wanting" MCD  

ADDCD1062 Pete Byrne "The World In Which We Love" MCD  

ADDCD1063 Various Artists "Shadow Dancing" 2CD  

ADDCD1064 B! Machine "Opal" MCD  

ADDCD1065 Cosmicity "The Binary Language of Love"   

ADDCD1066 Various Artists "Too Good For Radio" 2CD  

ADDCD1067 Neuropa "Alternate Faith - The Mixes"   

ADDCD1068 Count to Infinity "Space Age Love Song" MCD  

ADDCD1069 The Nine "Dreamland"  

ADDCD1070 Blue October "Preaching Lies to the Righteous"  

ADDCD1071 Cosmicity "Resynthesized" 2CD

ADDCD1072 The Echoing Green "The Evergreen Annex" MCD  

ADDCD1073 KAJ "In Your Mind"  

ADDCD1074 Pete Byrne "The Real Illusion"  
ADDCD1075 Echo Image "Need to Be Proud" MCD  

ADDCD1076 B! Machine "Hybrid"  

ADDCD1077 Echo Image "Compuphonic"   

ADDCD1078 Neuropa "Bound" MCD   

ADDCD1079 Neuroactive "Transients"

ADDCD1080 Neuropa "Beyond Here and Now"

ADDCD1081 Neuroactive "Play" MCD  

ADDCD1082 System22 "Until You Say You Are" MCD  

ADDCD1083 B! Machine "Umbrella" MCD  

ADDCD1084 System22 "Velocity Trip"

ADDCD1085 Count to Infinity "Exploding Plastic Inevitable"

ADDCD1086 Count to Infinity "Popism" MCD  

ADDCD1087 The Echoing Green "The Evergreen Collection" 2CD

ADDCD1088 Various Artists "Shadow Dancing - 2nd Movement" 3CD  

ADDCD1089 Merge "Lost In Eternity" MCD  

ADDCD1090 Echo Image "Skulk" MCD

ADDCD1091 Cosmicity "The Pure Sessions 1: Defeat" MCD

ADDCD1092 Cosmicity "The Pure Sessions 2: The Princess of Detroit" MCD    

ADDCD1093 Leiahdorus "Wake" MCD   

ADDCD1094 The Nine "Control" MCD  

ADDCD1095 Cosmicity "The Vision + The Moment" limited 2CD  

ADDCD1096 Wave In Head "Progress" MCD  

ADDCD1097 Cosmicity "Pure"   

ADDCD1098 Moulin Noir "The White Room"  

ADDCD1099 Sweep "Emptiness, Your Loneliness" MCD  

ADDCD1100 Merge "Lost Heroes"   

ADDCD1101 Wave In Head "Time to Speak"

ADDCD1102 Echo Image "Standing Alone" MCD   

ADDCD1103 Wave In Head "I Began to Hope" MCD  

ADDCD1104 KAJ "Picture on the Wall" MCD  

ADDCD1105 Leiahdorus "Ashes Ashes"

ADDCD1106 Sweep "Two Players"

ADDCD1107 Blue October "Mistakes" MCD  

ADDCD1108 Merge "Autumn Leaf" MCD   

ADDCD1109 Neuropa "Beyond Here and Now" MCD  

ADDCD1110 Count to Infinity "Undertow" MCD  

ADDCD1111 B! Machine "Aftermath"   

ADDCD1112 Cosmicity "Pure Sessions 3: Darkness" MCD  

ADDCD1113 Moulin Noir "A New Frontier" MCD  

ADDCD1114 Alien#Six13 "Imagery of Ecstasy" MCD

ADDCD1115 System22 "Illuminate" MCD

ADDCD1116 B! Machine "Alternates and Remixes"

ADDCD1117 B! Machine "Machine Box" limited 5CD

ADDCD1118 Alien#Six13 "Establishing Alpha"

ADDCD1119 Moulin Noir "Boy In Darkness"

ADDCD1120 Leiahdorus "Indigent" MCD

ADDCD1121 Wave In Head "With You" MCD

ADDCD1122 Wave In Head "You"

ADDCD1123 Sweep "Miss You" MCD

ADDCD1124 Virtual Server "Wide Awake" MCD

ADDCD1125 Virtual Server "Fallen" MCD

ADDCD1126 New Clear Sky "Vast" MCD  

ADDCD1127 New Clear Sky "Newer, Clearer"

ADDCD1128 Monolithic "Lulling Us to Sleep" MCD

ADDCD1129 Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 1"  

ADDCD1130 Somegirl "Defeatist" MCD

ADDCD1131 Monolithic "House of Joy" MCD

ADDCD1132 Virtual Server "Installed"

ADDCD1133 Various Artists "Synthetic Broadway"  

ADDCD1134 Somegirl "I've Been Known to Be Completely Wrong"  

ADDCD1135 Neuroactive "The Wonders of the World" MCD  

ADDCD1136 Voice Industrie "Power Up" MCD  

ADDCD1137 Monolothic "Dividing Asunder"

ADDCD1138 Voice Industrie "Power"

ADDCD1139 Neuropa "New Faith + Sins of the Heart" 2CD

ADDCD1140 New Clear Sky "Serenity" MCD  

ADDCD1141 Various Artists "Synthpop for a Darkened Room 1"  

ADDCD1142 The Echoing Green "Fall Awake" MCD   

ADDCD1143 System22 "Somewhere Nowhere" MCD  

ADDCD1144 Syrian "No Atmosphere" MCD    

ADDCD1145 Wideband Network "Orbit" MCD

ADDCD1146 Virtual Server "Upgraded"

ADDCD1147 The Echoing Green "The Winter of Our Discontent"

ADDCD1148 Cosmicity "Escape Pod for Two"

ADDCD1149 Wideband Network "Universe"

ADDCD1150 System22 "Sundown"

ADDCD1151 Daybehavior "Devil In Me" MCD

ADDCD1152 The Nine "Invasion"

ADDCD1153 Neuroactive "N-gin"

ADDCD1154 Syrian "De-Synchronized"

ADDCD1155 Various Artists "The State of Synthpop - 2003" 5CD  

ADDCD1156 Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 2"  

ADDCD1157 Intuition "Two" MCD

ADDCD1158 Intuition "Further"

ADDCD1159 Daybehavior "Have You Ever Touched a Dream?"

ADDCD1160 De/Vision "Devolution"

ADDCD1161 Blue October "Free" MCD  

ADDCD1162 Various Artists "Space Age Electro Pop - The New Wave of the New Century"  

ADDCD1163 Neuropa "Every Second" MCD

ADDCD1164 Blue October "One Day Silver, One Day Gold"

ADDCD1165 De/Vision "Drifting Sideways" MCD  

ADDCD1166 B! Machine "Angels" MCD  

ADDCD1167 B! Machine "The Evening Bell"

ADDCD1168 Droom "While We Can" MCD

ADDCD1169 Neuropa "Born"

ADDCD1170 Droom "Stay!" MCD

ADDCD1171 Droom "128 1/2 Days"

ADDCD1172 T.O.Y. "White Lights"

ADDCD1173 De/Vision "Digital Dream" EP

ADDCD1174 Opium "Too Many Miles Between Us"

ADDCD1175 The Echoing Green "The Story of Our Lives" EP

ADDCD1176 Cosmicity "In Flight" MCD

ADDCD1177 Iris "Reconnect"

ADDCD1178 T.O.Y. "Fairytale" MCD  

ADDCD1179 Syrian "Space Overdrive" MCD

ADDCD1180 De/Vision "Devolution Tour + I Regret 2003" 2CD

ADDCD1181 Somegirl "Feel Free" MCD

ADDCD1182 Intuition "Staring Off at Nothing" MCD  

ADDCD1183 Intuition "Overworked and Underplayed"

ADDCD1184 Leiahdorus "Parallel Universe"

ADDCD1185 Various Artists "Synthpop for a Darkened Room 2"

ADDCD1186 Leiahdorus "Kiss On the Telephone" MCD

ADDCD1187 Daybehavior "Superstar" MCD

ADDCD1188 The Dignity of Labour "XRV" MCD  

ADDCD1189 The Dignity of Labour "The Dignity of Labour"

ADDCD1190 Neuroactive "Space Divider" MCD

ADDCD1191 Various Artists "Listen to the Future" CD+Book

ADDCD1192 Provision "Could've Had it All" MCD

ADDCD1193 Real Life "Imperfection" 2CD  

ADDCD1194 Provision "Visualize" 2CD

ADDCD1195 Syrian "Cosmic Gate" MCD

ADDCD1196 Nevarakka "I Am Trying" MCD

ADDCD1197 Real Life "Oblivion" MCD

ADDCD1198 Syrian "Kosmonauta"

ADDCD1199 B! Machine "Forget" MCD

ADDCD1200 Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 3"

ADDCD1201 Michigan "Red Dawn" MCD

ADDCD1202 Pristina "So Alive" MCD

ADDCD1203 Wideband Network "Show Me Love" MCD

ADDCD1204 Wideband Network "Ten Thousand Seconds"

ADDCD1205 Nevarakka "Color vs. The Light"

ADDCD1206 Junk Circuit "Universal Republic"

ADDCD1207 Pristina "Stars and Sirens"

ADDCD1208 Somegirl "She's Full of Secrets"

ADDCD1209 Wave In Head "I Hate to Be In Love" MCD

ADDCD1210 The Echoing Green "Songs of Innocence and Experience: Hope and Science" 2CD

ADDCD1211 Capsize "A Perfect Wreck"

ADDCD1212 Voice Industrie "Voice Historie" 2CD

ADDCD1213 Michigan "Ultimate Sky"

ADDCD1214 De/Vision "6 Feet Underground"

ADDCD1215 Rename "You Don't Deserve My Love" MCD  
ADDCD1216 Rename "Culture"

ADDCD1217 De/Vision "I'm Not Dreaming Of You" MCD  

ADDCD1218 Various Artists "Red Letter Day - A Synthpop Christmas"  

ADDCD1219 De/Vision "Turn Me On" MCD  

ADDCD1220 Information Society "Oscillator"  

ADDCD1221 De/Vision "Two"  

ADDCD1222 Raindancer "Audio"

ADDCD1223 Monica Schroeder "Poison" MCD

ADDCD1224 Rupesh Cartel "Contract" MCD

ADDCD1225 Rupesh Cartel "Mainland"

ADDCD1226 The Echoing Green "Suffer" MCD  

ADDCD1227 Wave In Head "For a Special Moment"

ADDCD1228 Monica Schroeder "Move Me"

ADDCD1229 Various Artists "Synthpop for a Darkened Room 3"

ADDCD1230 Various Artists "SLC 2K4 - Official Bootleg" (2CD)

ADDCD1231 Cosmic Ally "Twin Sun"

ADDCD1232 Various Artists "Space Age Electro Pop 2"

ADDCD1233 Various Artists "State of Synthpop 2005" (6CD)

ADDCD1234 Ultraviolet "A Sea of Purity" MCD

ADDCD1235 Ultraviolet "A New Day"

ADDCD1236 Silica Gel "La Mitad" MCD

ADDCD1237 Silica Gel "Nada Es Eterno" MCD

ADDCD1238 Silica Gel "Genesis"

ADDCD1239 Capsize "Dissatisfaction Guaranteed" MCD

ADDCD1240 Rupesh Cartel "Death with Soft Names" MCD

ADDCD1241 Rename "In Different Things" MCD

ADDCD1242 Capsize "A Perfect Wreck LTD" 2CD

ADDCD1243 Opium "Puzzle EP" MCD

ADDCD1244 Raindancer "Come With Me" MCD

ADDCD1245 Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 4" 2CD

ADDCD1246 A Blue Ocean Dream "Cold" MCD

ADDCD1247 A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom"

ADDCD1248 Various Artists "Synthpop for a Darkened Room 4"

ADDCD1249 Information Society "Synthesizer - First Edition"  

ADDCD1250 Nevarakka "Soft"

ADDCD1251 Fantazja "Sing This Song" MCD

ADDCD1252 Nevarakka "Soft LTD" 2CD

ADDCD1253 Rename "Energize"

ADDCD1254 Syrian "Alien Nation"

ADDCD1255 The Echoing Green "Sanctuary" MCD+vinyl

ADDCD1256 The Echoing Green "In Scarlet and Vile"

ADDCD1257 Code 64 "Departure"

ADDCD1258 Code 64 "Departure LTD"  

ADDCD1259 Various Artists "ADD X Chapter 1 - A Different Drum's 10th Anniversary" 2CD

ADDCD1260 Rename "Energize LTD" 2CD

ADDCD1261 Faith Assembly "Descent Into Madness"

ADDCD1262 B! Machine "The Falling Star"

ADDCD1263 Virtual Server "Setup"

ADDCD1264 Virtual Server "Setup LTD" 2CD  

ADDCD1265 Pristina "Stars and Sirens LTD" 2CD  

ADDCD1266 Ultraviolet "Dos"

ADDCD1267 Ultraviolet "Dos LTD" 2CD

ADDCD1268 Rename "First Bounce"

ADDCD1269 Monica Schroeder "So Far"

ADDCD1270 Neuroactive "Antidote"

ADDCD1271 Neuropa "The Blitz"

ADDCD1272 Raindancer "Response"

ADDCD1273 Elmodic "Monoism"

ADDCD1274 Michigan "The Nomad" MCD  

ADDCD1275 Sequencia "Algo En Tu Ser LTD"

ADDCD1276 Fantazja "Help Yourself"

ADDCD1277 Blue October UK "Incoming - 10th Anniversary Edition" 2CD  

ADDCD1278 Somegirl "The Velvet Hour"

ADDCD1279 Various Artists "Synthpop Club Anthems 5"

ADDCD1280 Various Artists "A Different Mix 6"

ADDCD1281 Rupesh Cartel "The Disco and the What Not LTD" 2CD

ADDCD1282 Blue October “Walk Amongst the Living”

ADDCD1283 Silica Gel "Exodo"

ADDCD1284 Kiethevez "Non-Binary"

ADDCD1285 Alien Skin "Don't Open Till Doomsday"

ADDCD1286 Midnight Resistance "Remote"

ADDCD1287 Michigan "Pulse of Pain"

ADDCD1288 Disreflect "Mnemophobia"

ADDCD1289 Alien Skin "The Unquiet Grave"

ADDCD1290 Blume "Rise from Grey"

ADDCD1291 Faith Assembly "Ghosts I Have Been - Limited" 2CD

ADDCD1292 Saudade "Bad Dreams" MCD

ADDCD1293 E-Gens "Fine Shine"

ADDCD1294 Disreflect "Rest" MCD

ADDCD1295 Wave In Head "The Voice In Me"

ADDCD1296 Endless Shame "Pure" MCD

ADDCD1297 Endless Shame "Unspoken Words"

ADDCD1298 Access Zero "Living in Transition"

ADDCD1299 Christopher Anton "Destination: X"

ADDCD1300 Moonlight Cove “Orphans of the Storm”

ADDCD1301 Saudade "Like You" MCD

ADDCD1302 Saudade "The Guts to Be Good"

ADDCD1303 Disreflect "Some Brittle Words"

ADDCD1304 Haberdashery "2010 Remixes"

ADDCD1305 Saudade "Restricted"

ADDCD1306 Neuropa "Plastique People"

ADDCD1307 Various Artists “What We’ve Done Lately…”

ADDCD1308 Faith Assembly "Dreams from Arcadia"

ADDCD1309 Intuition "Berlin Sky"

ADDCD1310 Color Theory "The Silence + Second Thoughts"

ADDCD1311 AvantGarde "Resurrected"

ADDCD1312 Various Artists “A Different Mix 7”

ADDCD1313 Northern Kind “Fifty Three Degrees North”

ADDCD1314 Rename “Evolution”

ADDCD1315 T-4-2 “Voltage!”

ADDCD1316 Das Merman “Sharks”

ADDCD1317 Wave In Head “Remixed”

ADDCD1318 Celluloide “Numériques 1”

ADDCD1319 Dekad “Strange Situations – The Singles”

ADDCD1320 Ruslan Tagirov “Standing on a Bridge”

ADDCD1321 Zero-EQ “Bugged Karma”

ADDCD1322 Inter-Connection “Chrome”

ADDCD1323 Arome Artificiel “Waiting”

ADDCD1324 Celluloide “Numériques 2”

ADDCD1325 WANTed “A Few Steps Behind the Sun”

ADDCD1326 Supercraft “Nation 47”

ADDCD1327 Various Artists “A Different Mix 8”

ADDCD1328 Inter-Connection “Life”

ADDCD1329 Munich Syndrome “Robotika”

ADDCD1330 Foretaste “American Terrorist TV Show”

ADDCD1331 E-Gens “Renewed Light”

ADDCD1332 Isaac Junkie “Best of 1998 – 2011”

ADDCD1333 Alien Skin “The Secret Garden”

ADDCD1334 Social Ambitions “Purgatorio 07-13”

ADDCD1335 Scarlet Soho “Hit the Floor – Favorites and Rarities”

ADDCD1336 Mooger “Recollection”

ADDCD1337 Syrian “Death of a Sun”

ADDCD1338 Sad January “Believe in Better”

ADDCD1339 Inter-Connection “Strange World”

ADDCD1340 Saudade “Back to the Wall”

ADDCD1341 Wave In Head “Im Augenblick”
ADDCD1342 De New Technocrats “A Bittersweet Taste of Waste”
ADDCD1343 Jellyrox “Heta Himlen”
ADDCD1344 Vaylon “Primus (VIP Edition)”
ADDCD1345 Vaylon “Magnum Opus Part 1”

ADDCD1346 The Shade “Through Distant Times”

ADDCD1347 Vaylon “Magnum Opus Part 2”

ADDCD1348 Monolithic “Illumina Tenebras”

ADDCD1349 Neuroactive “Electra”



Commercial Vinyl:


ADDWAX1 The Echoing Green "Sanctuary" 12-inch

ADDWAX2 Rename "The Hack" 7-inch


Limited Edition Series:

ADDMIX1 Various Artists "A Different Mix, Volume 1"

ADDMIX2 Various Artists "A Different Mix, Volume 2"

ADDMIX3 Various Artists "A Different Mix, Volume 3"

ADDMIX4 Various Artists "A Different Mix, Volume 4"

ADDMIX5 Various Artists "A Different Mix, Volume 5"


Charity Releases:


ADDAID01 Various Artists "In Need"



Promotional Vinyl Releases:

ADDVNL01 Count to Infinity "Space Age Love Song"


Promotional CD releases:

ADDPROMO1 -- A Different Drum Megamix 1

ADDPROMO2 -- A Different Drum Megamix 2

ADDPROMO3 -- A Different Drum New Artists Sampler 1

ADDPROMO4 -- A Different Drum New Artists Sampler 2

ADDPROMO5 -- Futuretro Beat One Megamix by Brooks Jenkins

ADDPROMO6 -- A Different Drum Synthpop Festival in Mineola, New York

ADDPROMO7 -- A Different Drum Synthpop Festival in San Antonio, Texas

ADDPROMO8 -- Wideband Network (3-inch CD promo)

ADDPROMO9 -- A Different Drum Megamixes

ADDPROMO10 -- A Different Drum - New Bands for 2004 (3-inch CD promo)

ADDPROMO11 -- Science Fiction Convention Promo

ADDPROMO12 -- Convergence 10 Sampler

ADDPROMO13 -- DJ Coppertop Megamix (packaged inside B! Machine "The Evening Bell" ltd edition)

ADDPROMO14 -- Synthpop Lives!

ADDPROMO15 -- A Different Drum / Nilaihah Records Sampler

ADDPROMO16 -- A Different Drum / Section 44 Records Sampler

ADDPROMO17 -- Too Good For Radio - Sampler

ADDPROMO18 -- Dark Star Festival Sampler