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A Different Drum's page and blog on
A Different Drum's profile on Reverbnation
Analogue Trash Synthpop Station
Club 80's Radio
Connexion Bizarre Electronic Zine
Dercho Music Shop in Germany
E-lectric Synthpop Zine (In German)
E-Pop Shop (Germany)
EBM Radio
Electromeda Audio and Visual Electro Zine
Electronic / Electro Pop judging on
The Electronic Front - Online Radio
Grave Concerns Underground Music Site
Hot Stuff (Sweden)
Indietective CD Mail-Order in Germany
Industrial Lyrics Info Site (Real Audio)
Intrapop - German Label and Mail-Order
Last Sigh Magazine
Mecanica - Mexican Synthpop Source
Metenebre Spanish Alternative e-zine
Modern Synthpop Blog
Out of Time Radio
Partytuner online radio
Passive Promotions (Helping Indie Artists Sell More Music)
POPoNAUT Synthpop and Electronic Mail-Order in Germany
Re.Flexion Online Zine
ReGen Magazine
Release Musik Magazine
Rostov-on-Don Synthpop Community (Russia)
Section 44 Synthpop Forums
Section 44 Synthpop Radio
Side-Line Magazine
SpaceSynth - The Ultimate Guide to SpaceSynth and Sci-Fi Synth Music!
Synthcere Records
Synthlog - Spanish Language Forum
SynthPop for the Masses
Synthpop France (In French)
Synthpop Meetup Homepage
Synthpop Music E-Zine
The Synthpop Network
Synthpop Videos on Youtube (part 1)
Synthpop Videos on Youtube (part 2) Forums and News Russian Synthpop Site
Synthpopalooza -- Synthpop Radio
Todd Durrant's Personal Blog
Ultra-Electro Homepage
Wet Works Electro-zine
Yet Another Electro Webzine
Zeitgeist Online Zine