America's Synthpop Label
ADDCD1014Cosmicity "Isabella" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1018The Nine "Native Anger" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1047The Echoing Green "Music From the Ocean Picture / Special Edition" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1071Cosmicity "Resynthesized" (2CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1080Neuropa "Beyond Here and Now" (CD) $8.00 Order!  
ADDCD1087The Echoing Green "The Evergreen Collection" (2CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1101Wave In Head "Time to Speak" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1105Leiahdorus "Ashes Ashes" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1118Alien Six13 "Establishing Alpha" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1119Moulin Noir "Boy In Darkness" (CD) $8.00 Order!  
ADDCD1122Wave In Head "You" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1138Voice Industrie "Power" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1139Neuropa "New Faith + Sins of the Heart" (2CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1147The Echoing Green "The Winter of our Discontent" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1148Cosmicity "Escape Pod for Two" (CD) $8.00 Order!  
ADDCD1152The Nine "Invasion" (CD) $8.00 Order!  
ADDCD1154Syrian "De-Synchronized" (CD) $8.00 Order!  
ADDCD1158Intuition "Further" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1169Neuropa "Born" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1174Opium "Too Many Miles Between Us" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1181Somegirl "Feel Free" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1183Intuition "Overworked and Underplayed" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1184Leiahdorus "Parallel Universe" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1191Various Artists "Listen to the Future" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1201Michigan "Red Dawn" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1204Wideband Network "Ten Thousand Seconds" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1205Nevarakka "Color vs The Light" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1206Junk Circuit "Universal Republic" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1207Pristina "Stars and Sirens" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1208Somegirl "She's Full of Secrets" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1209Wave In Head "I Hate to Be In Love" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1210The Echoing Green "Songs of Innocence and Experience - Hope and Science" (2CD) $6.00 Order!  
ADDCD1211Capsize "A Perfect Wreck" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1212Voice Industrie "Voice Historie" (2CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1213Michigan "Ultimate Sky" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1222Raindancer "Audio" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1224Rupesh Cartel "Contract" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1225Rupesh Cartel "Mainland" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1227Wave In Head "For a Special Moment" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1228Monica Schroeder "Move Me" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1231Cosmic Ally "Twin Sun" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1232Various Artists "Space Age Electro Pop 2" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1235Ultraviolet "A New Day" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1236Silica Gel "La Mitad" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1238Silica Gel "Genesis" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1240Rupesh Cartel "Death With Soft Names" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1242Capsize "A Perfect Wreck LTD / With Bonus Disc" (2CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1243Opium "Puzzle" (EP) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1244Raindancer "Come With Me" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1247A Blue Ocean Dream "On the Road to Wisdom" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1250Nevarakka "Soft" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1253Rename "Energize" (CD) $8.00 Order!  
ADDCD1255The Echoing Green "Sanctuary - Limited Edition CD with bonus 12-inch Vinyl" (CD) $6.00 Order!  
ADDCD1263Virtual Server "Setup" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1266Ultraviolet "Dos" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1267Ultraviolet "Dos LTD" (2CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1268Rename "First Bounce" (CD) $8.00 Order!  
ADDCD1269Monica Schroeder "So Far" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1270Neuroactive "Antidote" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1271Neuropa "The Blitz" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1275Sequencia "Algo En Tu Ser LTD" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1280Various Artists "A Different Mix Volume 6" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1281Rupesh Cartel "The Disco and the What Not LTD" (2CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1282Blue October UK "Walk Amongst the Living" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1283Silica Gel "Exodo" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1284Kiethevez "Non-Binary" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1285Alien Skin "Dont Open Till Doomsday" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
ADDCD1286Midnight Resistance "Remote" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1287Michigan "Pulse of Pain" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1288Disreflect "Mnemophobia" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1289Alien Skin "The Unquiet Grave" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1291Faith Assembly "Ghosts I Have Been / Deluxe" (2CD) $14.00 Order!  
ADDCD1292Saudade "Bad Dreams" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1295Wave In Head "The Voice In Me" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1296Endless Shame "Pure" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1297Endless Shame "Unspoken Words" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1301Saudade "Like You" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1302Saudade "The Guts to Be Good" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
ADDCD1305Saudade "Restricted" (CD) $6.00 Order!  
ADDCD1307Various Artists "What We've Done Lately" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDCD1327Various Artists "A Different Mix Volume 8" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
ADDWAX2Rename "The Hack / 7-inch Vinyl" (vinyl) $2.00 Order!