CD LIST for Bands E

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The Echoing Green "Music From the Ocean Picture / Special Edition" (CD) $3.00 Order!  
The Echoing Green "Sanctuary - Limited Edition CD with bonus 12-inch Vinyl" (CD) $6.00 Order!  
The Echoing Green "Songs of Innocence and Experience - Hope and Science" (2CD) $6.00 Order!  
The Echoing Green "The Evergreen Collection" (2CD) $12.00 Order!  
The Echoing Green "The Winter of our Discontent" (CD) $10.00 Order!  
Electro Planet "Way to the Planet" (CD) $15.00 Order!  
Electro Spectre "Pop Ghost - Limited Deluxe Edition" (CD) $16.00 Order!  
Eloquent "Future Pop" (CD) $12.00 Order!  
Endanger "Die Show Muss Weitergehen" (MCD) $12.00 Order!  
Endless Shame "Halo / Limited Edition CDR" (MCD) $11.00 Order!  
Endless Shame "Pure" (MCD) $3.00 Order!  
Endless Shame "Unspoken Words" (CD) $12.00 Order!