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- Royal Visionaries -

Royal Visionaries "Analogue Fairytale" (CD)   $12.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #80


"Analogue Fairytale" is the exciting Debut Album by Royal Visionaries. Fans of Classic Synthpop will enjoy their carefully crafted blending of 80's elements with modern technology, infectious melodies and memorable hooks. They gained thousands of Loyal Fans around the world with their song "Back to Yazoo".

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
2. 5 Crowns
3. Back to Yazoo
4. Majesty
5. Metropolis von Berlin
6. The Royal Song
7. Synthetic Love
8. Major Domo Andro
9. Analogue Fairytale
10. Choir of Angels
11. Springtime in Sweden
12. At Last
13. No One Has to Cry
14. Stop Kicking My Heart Around


Royal Visionaries "Back to Yazoo / The Remix EP" (EP)   $8.00 

Royal Visionaries is a modern synthpop band consisting of Patrik Sjöström (Sweden) and Steven Cochran (USA). Their first CD release, Back to Yazoo, is a MCD Remix EP featuring original tracks plus remixes by eleven prominent electronic artists from all over the world.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. back to yazoo
2. back to yazoo (vz chinese theatre mix)
3. back to yazoo (subimage mix)
4. choir of angels (eloquent mix)
5. back to yazoo (sequencia remix)
6. back to yazoo (hajas remix)
7. back to yazoo (digital explosion remix)
8. electronic
9. back to yazoo (royal visionaries remix)
10. back to yazoo (spiral divergence mix)
11. back to yazoo (ecstatic "different" mood mix)
12. the royal song
13. back to yazoo (the gary flanagan mix)
14. back to yazoo (kbl mix)
15. back to yazoo (retro outro)