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- Provision -

Provision "The Consequence" (CD)   $14.00 

With the release of their eagerly anticipated third album, Provision returns with their signature hybrid of classic progressive, industrial dance & synthpop. Pushing the boundaries even further with aggressive songs of lust, loss, karma, and regret; Provision hereby solidifies their own unique style. This release presents a new mix of sounds and structures that comprise Provision’s most emotional effort to date, in what can only be called "The Consequence”.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Ideal
3. Behind Your Disguise
5. The Only Thing
7. Defying Culture
9. Attraction
11. Someone Like You
13. The Consequence
15. Fade
17. Cruxified
19. Perversions of Conventional Warfare
21. Trust
23. Everytime


Provision "Paradigm Shift" (CD)   $12.00 

North America’s specialists of electronic dance music with an edge have returned after 4 years, with their long awaited 4th album “Paradigm Shift”. Veteran members Breye 7x and Jen Kiser were joined in 2009 by Matt Willis of Splendor Projekt, and the result is a full on Industrial Dance assault. Paradigm Shift includes an 8 page booklet featuring lyrics, color photos, and production notes for 10 new tracks featuring vocals by all 3 band members. Touching on subjects of seduction, control, longing, hope, misery, sloth, apathy, and reflection, Provision’s newest album moves into dark territory with a new sonic palette; while still remaining true to the Provision style of aggressive synthpop built for the dance floor.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Into the Fray
2. Waiting
3. Love Like Machinery
4. I Lose Myself
5. I Thought You Knew
6. Broken
7. Paradigm Shift
8. Crossline
9. Symmetry
10. The Persistent Rhythm of Before

Provision "Ideal Warfare" (CD)   $6.00 

Dual Single from Provision's 3rd album - The

Featuring 15 Exclusive Remixes of both "Ideal" &
"Perversions of Conventional Warfare" from both established and up and coming artists in the scene.

Running the gamut of Electronic styles from
Progressive Dance, Synthpop, House and Industrial; to Trance, Electro, Powernoise and D&B...Delivering an incredible track listing that is solid from beginning to end.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Ideal - Separation by Provision
2. P.O.C.W. - Radio Mix by Rename
3. Ideal - Tristraum Remix
4. P.O.C.W. - Gunshop Mix by CTRL
5. Ideal - Unrewired Mix by DJ Dissent
6. P.O.C.W. - Sober Mix by People Theatre
7. Ideal - Marcus Fellechner Mastermix
8. P.O.C.W. - System Syn Remix
9. P.O.C.W. - DUI mix by backandtotheleft
10. Ideal - Asmodeus X Remix
11. P.O.C.W. -­ Blind Faith & Envy Remix
12. P.O.C.W. ­- Misadventures in Dub by Null Device
13. Ideal ­- Cloudless Remix
14. Ideal ­- Eden Mix by People Theatre
15. P.O.C.W. - WMD Mix by Unitcode:Machine