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- The Azoic -

The Azoic "Corruption" (CDEP)   $11.00 

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Corruption
2. Lost Soul
3. Search and Destroy
4. Fal
5. Corruption (Mizz Camela Radio Mix)
6. Corruption (DJ Peter T & Scotty Bossman Club Mix)
7. Lost Soul (Level 2.0 Mix)
8. Corruption (Kim Shiro Mix)
9. Fall (Sonik Foundry Mix)
10. Corruption (Sven Erler 2012 Club Mix)
11. Search and Destroy (Interface Saviors Mix)
12. Corruption (Scotty Bossman Mix)


The Azoic "Illuminate" (CD)   $14.00 

The follow-up to their successful 'Forward' and 'Conflict' releases, 'Illuminate' returns with a further cultivation of The Azoic's sound and style that will leave you wanting more! A solid blend of electronic dance that encompasses everything from trance to futurepop, industrial and synthpop. 12 passionate dance tracks, including a cover of Animotion's 80's hit "Obsession" featuring a guest appearance from Frank Spinath of Seabound!

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Let Me Tell You Something
2. Going Under
3. The One
4. Illuminate
5. Conflict
6. Ever
7. Truth
8. Obsession (feat. Frank Spinath of Seabound)
9. Carve into You [2003 edit]
10. Eternal
11. Passage
12. Conflict [cyberDJ medley]