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- Minerve -

Minerve "Please" (CD)   $20.00 

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Hold Me Tight
2. Every Day
3. Down To The Ground
4. Life Is An Illusion
5. You Dont Know Me
6. Dont Ask Me Why
7. Phoenix
8. Read In My Memories
9. Please
10. Forbidden Love
11. Save Me
12. Under My Skin


Minerve "Repleased" (2CD)   $22.00 

Features two discs of remixes.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Here comes the Rain again
2. Hold me tight (Celluloide remix)
3. Every Day (!Distain remix)
4. Down to the Ground (Stum remix)
5. Life is an Illusion (For A Space vs. Destroid remix)
6. You don't know me (Babylonia remix)
7. Don't ask me why (Midnight Resistance remix)
8. Phoenix (Dsx remix)
9. Read in my Memories (Lakeside X remix)
10. Forbidden Love (Exes remix)
11. Please (Liquid Divine remix)
12. Save me (People Theatre remix)
13. Under my Skin (Mechanical Apfelsine Remix)
14. Down to the Ground (radio edit)
15. Down to the Ground (Priorshift mix)
16. I welcome the Rain (feat. Richard Björklund of Spektralized)
17. Down to the Ground (Demo 2007)
18. Hold me tight (single)
19. Hold me tight (Club Mix by O.Wollschläger)
20. Hold me tight (Blind Vision mix)
21. Hold me tight (Evvilking mix)
22. Life is an Illusion (Blind Believer mix by Dreher & SMart)
23. Hold me tight (Demo 2007)
24. You don`t know me (radio edit)
25. You don`t know me (AndyK mix)
26. In Love with an open End [feat. F.M.Spinath/Seabound]
27. In Love with an open End [feat. F.M.Spinath/Seabound] (Closure mix by Iris)

Minerve "Breathing Avenue" (CD)   $20.00 

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Antimatter
2. Clear
3. Remind
4. Suffocate
5. Interlude
6. Falling
7. Afraid Of Myself
8. Merge
9. Escape
10. High Pitched Emotions
11. Epilog
12. High Pitched Emotions (Entrance Mix)
13. Falling (Lighthouse Mix)
14. Clear (Sentimental Mix)
15. High Pitched Emotions (Dephyte 2005 Remix)
16. Here 4 U feat. Daniel Wollatz (Minerve Remix)