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- Color Theory -

Color Theory "Sketches In Grey" (CD)   $3.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #116


Due to high demand, the debut Color Theory album has been re-pressed after the original pressing sold out in 1998. It has been completely remastered and 7 new tracks have been added, including live tracks and material unavailable anywhere else.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Never Realized
2. Monastery
3. Shadow In The Shade
4. Something Here
5. Severed Nerves
6. Subterranean
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Snowing
9. Better
10. Never Realized (Laundered Mix)
11. Just Who I Am (Tinmen Identity Crisis Mix)
12. Stare Out The Window (acoustic)
13. Shadow In The Shade (live)
14. Heart Like A Doll (live)
15. Snowing (live)
16. Unrehearsed (live)


Color Theory "The Thought Chapter" (CD)   $10.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #18


Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Figured Out
2. Zero Crossing
3. Were Not Getting Any Younger
4. Hypothetically
5. If Not Now When
6. I Shouldve Kissed You
7. Behind the Rhine
8. Photobooth (Death Cab for Cutie)
9. I Stand By My Mistakes
10. Pins and Needles
11. If Its My Time to Go
12. Our Shadow

Color Theory "Perfect Tears" (CD)   $3.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #115


1999 heralded the release of Perfect Tears, which was so intimate that it was promoted through a series of personal ads. The album was in regular rotation at over 40 European commercial radio stations.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Stare Out The Window
2. Aprils Bonfire
3. New Years Eve
4. Long Distance Martyr
5. Now I Know
6. Guilt Reflected
7. Ordinary & Free
8. Faces
9. Acting Class
10. For Good
11. Souvenir
12. Until Last Night

Color Theory "Tuesday Song" (CD)   $3.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #117


A passionate blend of piano, electronics, and lyrical sincerity. Includes a daringly non-fiction song used for a real-life marriage proposal.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Outside Girl
2. September Spoke In Red
3. Just Who I Am
4. Heart Like A Doll
5. Entirely
6. Forget His Voice
7. Unrehearsed
8. My Gift To You
9. Softer Than Sleep
10. The Perfect Song