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- Various Artists -

Various Artists "Modern Synthpop Compilation Volume 1" (CD)   $14.00 

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Elevated Sins "Look"
2. Brand New Day "When You Were Mine (Feat. Estatuas De Sol)"
3. Never Enough "You Don’t Belong To Me"
4. Cylix "Miles Divide"
5. Etage Neun "In My Place"
6. Tycho Brahe "1985"
7. Union Of Intentions "Never See In Your Eyes"
8. Erotic Elk "Change (US Version)"
9. Vision Talk "Paradise For Free (Sthilmann Electrolight Remix)"
10. Hypersoul "Sensational (Synthetik FM Remix)"
11. Syrian "Solarchaser"
12. Inner Conflict "Your Trip"
13. Electraset "Dancing With Robots"
14. Destination "If I Ruled The World"
15. Blind Faith & Envy "Light In A Mirror"
16. Saudade "Reaching (Elevated Sins Remix)"
17. Rupesh Cartel "Fool’s Gold"
18. Avenpitch "Waiting"


Various Artists "Modern Synthpop Compilation Volume 2" (CD)   $14.00 

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Brand New Day – Style (Somegirl remix)
2. Elevated Sins – Moonlight
3. Bispatial – Lonely As A Rose
4. Haberdashery – Stars
5. Sixth June – The Night Is Coming
6. Statikk Dawn – Ten Days Into June
7. Social Ambitions – Come Closer
8. Cylix – Dont Let Me Fade
9. Machine Made Pleasure – In A Dark World (No Escape Mix)
10. Hayfield – Heartless Crimes
11. Jens Bader – Teach Me A Lesson
12. Western Electric – 644509
13. Red Sector One – Strange Fits Of Passion
14. People Theatre – Wish You Were Here
15. Life On Mars – World Without End
16. Neutral Lies – Rose In The Coffin
17. RE:Active – Future’s End
18. EV – Night And Day (EuroVision remix)