SPOCK "Another Piece of the Action" (CD)   $20.00 

This CD contains the "best of the SubSpace Years" which is the latter end of SPOCK's music career.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. The Awakening
2. Reactivated
3. E.T. Phone Home [radio c-c-cut]
4. Dr. McCoy [classic]
5. Where Rockets Fly [original version]
6. Alien Attack
7. Queen of Space [single version]
8. Wolf in the Fold
9. Satellites [single version]
10. Not Human
11. Spacewalk
12. Astrogirl's Secret
13. Speed of Light
14. Out There
15. All the Children shall Lead
16. Mr. Jones
17. Star Pilot On Channel K
18. Klingon 2000 [radio mix]
19. Dream Within a Dream