- Rename -

Rename "The Hack / 7-inch Vinyl" (vinyl)   $2.00 

Behold, it's the first 7-inch vinyl single released by A Different Drum, together with Niiemo Records (Germany). This is a strictly limited edition vinyl single, each coming with band autograph, and each one numbered (1 - 500). It's fun as a collector's piece for fans, even if you don't have a record player. NOTE: You can purchase a couple different versions of THE HACK as downloads from all major outlets. But this is the ultra-cool physical product for the ultimate fans!

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. The Hack (7-inch Version)
2. The Hack (FBI Investigation)


Rename "Never Stop / In the Future" (CDR)   $16.00 

Limited promo features remixes of two songs from the "Evolution" CD.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Never Stop! (Single Version)
2. Never Stop! (Extended Disco Mix)
3. Never Stop! (Single Version Instrumental)
4. Never Stop! (Neil Delta 12inch Mix)
5. Never Stop! (Neil Delta Instrumental)
6. Never Stop! (Acapella Mix)
7. Never Stop! (Bonus Beats)
8. In the Future (Single Version)
9. In the Future (Extended Version)
10. In the Future (Instrumental)
11. In the Future (Dub Mix)
12. In the Future (Acapella Mix)
13. In the Future (Bonus Beats)


Rename "Play in the Rain - Limited Edition Promo" (CDR)   $14.00 


Rename "First Bounce" (CD)   $8.00 

This fun collection features exclusive remixes of several favorite songs from the first two RENAME albums, plus some new songs, and a couple of rare demos. With fourteen uptempto tracks, this album is designed to bring a smile to the faces, and a spring to the step, of synthpop and club music fans around the world. When it comes to memorable and moveable pop tunes, RENAME has it mastered!

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. First Bounce (Intro)
2. Who Needs The World
3. Maybe Later I Will Dance All Night
4. Electropopular (Get Excited Mix)
5. Stay (Fantazja Mix)
6. Walking Down the Streets (Original Demo)
7. Around Around (Single Remix)
8. I Have No Choice Anymore
9. Hey Cowboy
10. Oh Please (Neuroactive Mix)
11. You Dont Deserve My Love (Original Demo)
12. Maybe Later Ill Have No Choice
13. Who Needs the World (Not Me)
14. Hey Cowboy (Boot Scoot Boogie)

Rename "Energize" (CD)   $8.00 

Rename shines brightly with "Energize", bringing their melodic, danceable synthpop sound to new hights. Each song will play over and over in your mind, long after the album is finished, and club DJ's will be delighted with so much dance-floor-fodder. Fans of classic synthpop acts like Pet Shop Boys or Erasure will be impressed, finding "Energize" to be an album that lives up to (if not exceeds) their high standards.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Ex-L
2. Donīt You Shock Me
3. Not for the First Time
4. But Now
5. Around Around
6. Letīs Reinvent Love
7. Oh Please
8. Summer Breeze
9. Electropopular
10. Technicolor Girl
11. I Have No Choice