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- Michigan -

Michigan "Pulse of Pain" (CD)   $12.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #47


Michigan presents their third album, demonstrating their strong position in the electronic pop market. Each song is layered with lush production, emotional vocals, and lyrical depth, lifting the album to great heights and making it one of the stand-out releases of 2007. Listen to "Pulse of Pain" and you may discover a new favorite, no matter where your tastes lie, because great music stands on it's own.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. The Nomad
2. Decadence
3. Juveniles
4. Valley of Death
5. Hang On
6. The Gravity
7. Shine in Silver
8. Mysterious (Infected World)
9. Loves a Disease
10. Demons Inside
11. Pioneers
12. Pulse of Pain


Michigan "Ultimate Sky" (CD)   $3.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #76


Michigan is a band that stands tall in the crowd, with well written songs, emotional presentation, and top-notch programing. This is the band's second album and deserve twice as much attention as their debut. Fans of intense, passionate, edgy synthpop will love "Ultimate Sky".

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Sad Queen
2. Control of Me
3. A Ride in Time
4. Red Dawn
5. Sorrows
6. My Own Denial
7. The Ocean´s Wide
8. Destiny´s Line
9. The Collector
10. At Times
11. The Final-Song

Michigan "Red Dawn" (MCD)   $3.00 
Current sales rank for 2014: #52


Michigan makes a stand as one of the important new acts in the modern synthpop scene, sounding like a polished protege of De/Vision or Mesh, with plenty of Depeche Mode touches. Dramatic vocals and instrumentation combine for a great single in "Red Dawn". There are bonus remixes from fellow Swedish synthpop acts, Children Within and Backlash, plus some extra bonus tracks mixed by Michigan themselves, just for this exciting single.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Red Dawn (Radio Edit)
2. Red Dawn (Virtual Server Mix)
3. Belong Together
4. Red Dawn (Sunrise in Malta Remix)
5. Control of me (April Mix)
6. Red Dawn (Backlash Mix)
7. Red Dawn (Just in case the dawn disappears)