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Sequencia "Algo En Tu Ser LTD" (CD)   $3.00 

Sequencia is a synthpop / futurepop act from Argentina that has been working hard behind the scenes for several years. Aside from their growing list of remixes for other prominent artists, they have produced their own original songs, packed with energy and performed in their native language of Spanish. Indeed, Sequencia presents themselves as one of the top Spanish-language acts in the electronic pop world, and this limited edition of their debut album "Algo En Tu Ser" features a pile of extra remixes designed for the dance clubs!

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Deja Quererme Como Soy
2. Por ti
3. Algo En Tu Ser
4. Da Lo Mismo
5. Nuestro Momento
6. No Me Vas Amar
7. Volver A Soņar
8. Mirando Al Sol
9. Las Paginas Del Ayer
10. Desvaneciendome
11. Nuestro Momento (Lastrax Club Remix)
12. Volver a Soņar (Silica Gel Remix)
13. Algo en Tu Ser (Dossiers Secrets Remix)
14. Por Ti (Neuropa Remix)
15. Volver a Soņar (Umilenie Remix)
16. Por Ti (Avatar Mix)