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Various Artists "Listen to the Future" (CD)   $3.00 

A Different Drum is proud to present this daring multi-media release which combines original short stories by various authors with an accompanying music soundtrack. The songs were all written as theme songs, with the bands pulling their inspiration from the different futuristic views and themes of each story. Most of these songs can ONLY be found on this unique compilation. The 198-page book and CD are packaged together and is one of the first releases of it's kind.

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. "Creation" story written by Rachael M. Haring / Theme song "An Unbiased Observation of Human Interaction" performed by Cosmicity (Mark Nicholas)
2. "Color Matching" story written by Nathaniel Forgotson / Theme song "Color Matching" performed by T.O.Y.
3. "To Carry the Past" story written by Thomas Kelley / Theme song "To Carry the Past" performed by Wave In Head
4. "Six Minutes of Air" story written by Paul Dworschack-Kinter / Theme song "Six Minutes of Air (Warrior)" performed by Somegirl
5. "Neil the Intelligent" story written by Ian Stoner / Theme song "Neil the Intelligent" performed by Neuroactive
6. "Survivor's Guilt" story written by Eric R. Goedken / Theme song "Survivor's Guilt" performed by Color Theory
7. "The Persistent Rhythm of Before" story written by Christopher Hanks / Theme song "The Persistent Rhythm of Before" performed by Provision
8. "Firewall" story written by Jennifer Dworschack-Kinter / Theme song "Belief (theme for Firewall)" performed by Null Device
9. "The Pure Ones" story written by Scottland Jacobson / Theme song "The Pure Ones" performed by Junk Circuit
10. "Signals and Noise" story written by by Jill Ziegler / Theme song "Signals and Noise" performed by Empire State Human