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Alien Six13 "Establishing Alpha" (CD)   $3.00 

Alien#Six13 is a side-project of producer Geoff Pinckney, principle voice and programer for the popular synthpop act The Nine. With "Establishing Alpha", Geoff explores different production sounds and techniques, pushing the envelope into various electronic styles. You'll hear everything from a synthpoppy disco track, to modern trancey sounds, to quirky electronica, to tracks that sound like sci-fi movie themes. Two songs from this CD are featured in the XBox game "DDR Ultramix 2".

Tracklist: (click on the track title to hear a sample)

1. Disc Form
2. Highway to the Sun
3. Mello
4. Holding Onto Something
5. Away above the Stars
6. Youve Got the City
7. C Squared
8. Flogenic
9. All for Nothing
10. Limits Stand
11. Cinnamon