June 8, 2012

A Different Drum Update - June 8th, 2012

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum, and I have a BIG update for you this week.  There are a lot of exciting new releases that rolled into the store.  Let’s run through them quickly so you can explore the new tunes and see what you’d like to add to your collection.


And One “S.T.O.P.” (limited edition “Home Box”) $50 — If you’re a bit collector and love And One, then you may want to gab this super-limited box set.  Not only does it contain the new album, but also the “Treibwerk” EP and a bunch of And One extras like a mousepad, stickers, buttons, postcards, and more.  It’s all packaged in a nice, large box that will look great on your shelf.  You an order the limited edition box here :

And One “S.T.O.P.” (limited edition 2CD) $22 — If you don’t need the box of extras, then you can still get the limited double-disc import edition which features the new album as well as the “Treibwerk” CD EP.  You can order the limited edition import here :

Midnight Resistance “The Mirror Cage” $20 — This import is the second album from Midnight Resistance, a band that A Different Drum introduced to the synthpop world a few years back.  The album has been anxiously anticipated and is now available.  You can listen to one of the songs and order the new CD here :

SPOCK “Another Piece of the Action - The Best of the SubSpace Years” $20 — This famed Swedish synthpop act has been silent for a while, and this new release revisits the favorite tracks from the latter years of their existence (after Energy Rekords, when they were on SubSpace Records).   So, pick up a nice dose of quirky, sci-fi flavored SPOCK favorites and order the CD here :

Alpha Point “High Like the Angels” $20 — This is a new, melodic futurepop act from Europe, and you can listen to a megamix of samples from the album to get the idea of what they are like.  Click here to hear the samples and order the new Alpha Point CD :

Continues “Continues” $20 — I liked the sound of this new act.  The synths are pure, and the voice has a very “new wave” feel to it.  You can listen to one of the songs and order the debut Continues album here :

Rygar “Modulation” $18 — A couple of well-known names from the spacesynth community teamed up to create this Rygar album, and you get exactly what you’d expect.  You get a CD packed with retro-flavored instrumental spacesynth music that will keep your body moving.  You can listen to the samples and order the new Rygar CD here :

Retronic Voice “Awakening” $18 — This new album is dripping with the old-school synthpop and italo-disco sound.  It’s like spacesynth music with vocal melodies for the synthpop fans.   You can listen to a song and order the new album here :

Joy Peters “Back to Joy” $18 — Another old-school italo-disco / synthpop name from the past is back with a CD collection of melodic, catchy synthpop tunes.  You can listen to a sample, and order the CD here :

The Frozen Autumn “Emotional Screening Device” $20 — Due to popular demand, this old album from The Frozen Autumn is again re-released on CD. You can order the CD here :

That should help keep you entertained for a while.  Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll leave you with this announcement from Color Theory, for those of you who are interested:

Color Theory releases new EP: Adjustments Pt. 1
Brian Hazard of Color Theory has unveiled a new EP, his first collection of original material in nearly two years. Adjustments Pt. 1 contains five new songs and five remixes of those songs. This is the first of three Adjustments EPs, which will culminate in an album consisting of the best 10-11 songs.
1. What You Said
2. Drive You Home
3. Slot Machine
4. A Slip of the Finger
5. That
6. What You Said (Matt Mancid Remix)
7. Drive You Home (Robots With Rayguns Mix)
8. Slot Machine (Diskodikator Remix)
9. A Slip of the Finger (Adam Gubman Remix)
10. That (Neil Delta Mix)
Adjustments Pt. 1 is available directly from the artist at music.colortheory.com


May 24, 2012

A Different Drum Update - May 24th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!   It is time for an update, as I have added a few independent synthpop releases to the store inventory.   Here’s what came in this week:


Moonlight Cove “Hearts of the World” $16 — A Different Drum introduced the VIP subscribers to Moonlight Cove with a limited edition release of their album “Orphans of the Storm” last year, and now the band is back with an even better follow-up album!   Very catchy, very melodic, and very well-produced, you’ll enjoy this as one of the highlights of 2012 when it comes to synthpop.   Listen to a sample and order the new CD here :

By the way, I see that Amazon has 1 copy of the “Orphans of the Storm” CD available to buy.   You may want to snag that if you don’t have the first Moonlight Cove album.

Jens Bader “Total Eclipse” $16 — Few synthpop artists are as prolific as Jens Bader– he keeps cranking out the albums every year, and he continues to pull fun tunes and interesting lyrics out of his bag-of-tricks.  You can listen to a sample and order his new CD here :

Haberdashery “The Raven” (limited CDR) $10 — This is a limited edition CD release from Haberdashery which comes in a very classy package (as usual).  It features three versions of the complete Edgar Allan Poe poem “The Raven”.   It is cool to hear the famous poem performed as a synthpop song, which you can hear while watching the classic artwork on the youtube video.   You can order the limited CD here :

Dark Phenomenon “Disfavour” $18 — This Russian import comes from a new label that is devoted to bringing back a classic synthpop sound.  Dark Phenomenon fits that sound and style rather nicely, as you can hear on the video that is posted here…where you can also order the CD :

Absent One “Places” $18 — This is the new offering from the dark synthpop act from Russia, Absent One.   They have a lot of life videos on Youtube, but I couldn’t find a non-live sample for you to check out something from this album.   There are male and female vocals combined with the electronic backdrop and semi-gothic mood.   You can order the CD here :

Well, there are a few items for you to check out.  Thanks for your support!

May 3, 2012

A Different Drum Update - May 3rd, 2012

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This is Todd at A Different Drum, and it is time to let you know about the latest arrivals in the online store.   Yes, there are actually a couple new CD’s that came in this week.  Amazing, isn’t it?


And One “Shouts of Joy” (MCD) $12 — This is one of the best songs I’ve heard from And One in a while.  It’s fun and catchy, yet still with the sinister, dark sound you expect from the band.   The singles features three versions of the title track, plus three other songs.  You can order the CD here :

Chrom “Synthetic Movement” $20 — This is a new European import, and the band plays punchy, dark futurepop / synthpop aimed at the industrial dance clubs.   You can listen to a lengthy preview of the album and order the CD here :

I also managed to list another synthpop box on EBay for those of you who want to beef-up your collection for a low price.  This box actually includes a couple of De/Vision rarities, so you may want to check it out.   See my latest EBay listing here :


The band SOMEGIRL, who you discovered through A Different Drum, has just released a new, digital download EP!  You can check it out and download the new songs from these links:



Also, COLOR THEORY  is running a Spotify playlist contest wherein the grand prize winner will have his/her name spoken by Hazard in the recording of his latest song.

Hazard clarifies: “No doubt you’re wondering – is this song so weird that I can get away with saying random stuff in the middle of it? Yes, it is. We may look back on it together and laugh at the worst Color Theory track ever recorded, but it will definitely be on my next commercial release, scheduled for late May.”

Get all the details here: http://colortheory.com/the-color-theory-spotify-playlist-thing

Thanks for your support!


April 28, 2012

A Different Drum Update - April 28th, 2012

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This is Todd at A Different Drum.  Though there are a few new releases on the way to the store in the coming days, it seems like it has been a while since I sent out an update.  So, here is a little note to let you know that things are still moving along.  I hope you’re having a wonderful spring so far.  If you’re looking for some new tunes to explore, or some CD’s to add to your collection, I’ve put together some more box lots.

I just listed 3 boxes of 25 CD’s each on EBay.  Actually, if you count the multiple disc sets, there are more CD’s than 25 in each box.  The selection varies in each of the listings. Each box includes a few singles, as well as albums and compilations, and a couple imports in each.  The majority of the CD’s are new, and a couple used ones are tossed in as well.  Anyway, you can read the contents of each box and place a bid if you see something you’d like.  Honestly, even if there are several CD’s in the box that you already have, you might find it worth the bidding price to get the two or three that you don’t have :-)

Here are links to each of the 3 boxes…and I’ll probably list more on Monday if you want to look at my seller profile during the week.

Box lot 1 is here:

Box lot 2 is here:

Box lot 3 is here:

Sorry I don’t have more to talk about on this update, but I look forward to writing to you soon with news of new arrivals in the store.

For the VIP subscribers…the Wave In Head “Remixed” CD’s are being shipped now.  I got a few into the mail yesterday and plan to get most of the rest shipped on Monday and Tuesday, so watch for those in your mail boxes.   I hope you are enjoying the Dekad CD’s that were recently shipped to subscribers.

If you’re not a VIP subscriber and would like to be, just email me at todd@adifferentdrum.com and let me know.   The subscribers are automatically charged each month for a unique, limited edition CD release featuring music that would otherwise not be available in physical format.   I currently have about 5 open slots for new subscribers.

As a side-note…there are a couple of past “VIP” limited edition CD’s in each of the above boxes, just for kicks, since I had a couple extras left :-)


April 7, 2012

A Different Drum Update - April 7th, 2012 - Tax Sale

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This is Todd at A Different Drum.   I wish you all a happy Easter weekend!

Tax season is upon us in the USA, with income taxes due on April 15th.  That means it is time for what has become an annual ritual– the Tax Sale!  I’ve activated the discounts that will show up during “checkout” when you place any order on www.adifferentdrum.com

You can see the details of the discount here:


That’s 15% off everything excluding the new releases…or 30% off if the titles are from A Different Drum’s old label catalog.   This sale will continue until the 15th.

I also have 10 copies of a limited edition album release from the band Alien Skin.   George of the band tells me that he doesn’t have more available of this edition.  Rather than listing it on A Different Drum’s website, I’m just going to offer it to the first 10 people who email me at todd@adifferentdrum.com to let me know that you’d like one of the CD’s.  The price is $16 plus the usual shipping.  I’ll then send you an invoice for the payment.   They will go first-come, first-serve.  Once I’m out, I’ll have to reply to any further emails that the CD is no longer available from A Different Drum’s store.

I wish you all a very happy weekend!  Thanks for your support!

March 22, 2012

A Different Drum Update - March 22nd, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  This is Todd, coming to you with three new, underground synthpop releases for your enjoyment!  As I mentioned in a past update, I’m focusing more these days on finding the cool releases that might otherwise be difficult to find if you’re one of the few, synthpop-crazed world citizens :-)


Flux “Motivational Chants” $16 — Coming from the great country of Finland, this new release from Flux features pulsing electronic grooves and great female lead vocals.  You can listen to one of the songs from the album and order the CD right here :

Various Artists “Discover” $16 — Imported from the Conzoom label in Germany, this new compilation features a great selection of extended versions and remixes from the synthpop scene which are hard to find elsewhere.  There is a great selection of bands such as Neuropa, Vision Talk, Carved Souls, Parralox, Cinemascape, etc.  See the complete track list and order the CD here :

3 Cold Men “A Cold Decade” (limited 2CD) $20 — Coming from the beautiful land of Brazil, 3 Cold Men has been producing synthpop tunes for several years, and this new album is presented in a 2CD limited edition.   You can hear a brief preview and order the limited edition here :

Then, as a little update for the VIP subscribers who also receive this update…
Once again the shipping of the two latest releases is slower than hoped, but they are at the factory and soon in my hands so I can send them to yours.  You will most likely receive the Dekad “Strange Situations - The Singles” CD first, and then the Wave In Head “Remixes” CD later with the next release which is soon to be announced (actually, I have a couple more debut albums lined up so you can discover some fun new synthpop acts).   I hope you’re continuing to enjoy the exclusive CD releases that are put out only for the VIP subscribers.   If you’re not a subscriber, feel free to email me at todd@adifferentdrum.com and I can let you know if there is an opening for you to subscribe.

Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful evening!

March 3, 2012

A Different Drum Update - March 3rd, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  Once again, too much time has gone by without any word from me about what has arrived in A Different Drum’s store. Sorry about the wait.  Life can get busy.  Well, here is what has most recently arrived for the fans of fun, synthpop music…


The Frozen Autumn “Chirality” $15 — This is the latest offering from a band that has graced the synthpop underground for several years and several albums, playing a lush, atmospheric synthpop sound that blends in elements of darkwave or new wave along the lines of early, synthy Clan of Xymox.  You can order the new CD here :

Mind.in.a.Box “Revelations” $15 — These guys are quickly becoming the premier “futurepop” band, taking their danceable, electronic sounds to new, creative heights with each passing album, combing melodic elements with hard-hitting, edgy sounds with ease.  You can listen to a preview and order the new CD here :

Waiting for Words “Follow the Signs” $14 — We’ve had some previous releases from this underground synthpop act before, and now the latest has arrived.  It blends synthpop and some old new wave influences for a creative, unique sound.   You can listen to samples on the band’s website here: http://www.waitingforwords.com/en/disco.html But I’d of course be happy to ship you the CD if you’d like to order it here :

And One “Back Home” (CDEP) $12 — It’s time again!  And One is back with new tunes on this EP, featuring three versions of the title track, plus three bonus tracks.  It’s the usual, punchy, fun And One sound and should get you dancing, even against your will.   You can listen to a track and order the CD here :

Apoptygma Berzerk “Ashes to Ashes” (Limited Edition Vinyl) $24 — Back in 1991 Apoptygma Berzerk released an EP called “Ashes to Ashes” which sold out and was a rarity for lucky collectors.  Now it is re-released in a limited edition vinyl with only 500 copies worldwide.  It is a white vinyl 12-inch with a scratch-n-sniff label.   Once again, collectors can go crazy picking up a piece of Apoptygma Berzerk history.  Order the limited edition vinyl here (I only have a few):

Well, that’s all for now.  Hopefully some more new music will arrive soon, and hopefully I’ll be quicker to write my update.  Keep in mind that I do tweet when I receive new releases if you want to know about it faster.  You can follow my on Twitter here :

For example, I tweeted when the new Mind.in.a.Box and The Frozen Autumn CD’s arrived a week ago, but just didn’t have time to write my update until now.

Thanks for your support and friendship!

February 16, 2012

A Different Drum Update - February 16th, 2012

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.  I’ve been a bit silent lately, but there hasn’t been much new coming into the store lately.  I guess it is the quiet weeks of winter…

I did get one new release here for the fans of the American synthpop underground:

Halovox “Everybody Lies” $12 — You can order the latest album by Halovox by going here :

For your discount / bargain shopping, check out the clearance CD list in the usual location here :


I add new titles there from time to time. so check it out.

In the meantime, all VIP subscribers should be enjoying their latest package of new music by now, with the Celluloide singles collection and the debut album by Zero-EQ.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to have some new goodies for you soon!

January 30, 2012

A Different Drum - Email Problems.

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.  During the last few days, some of you told me that you were experiencing intermittent email problems when trying to reach me concerning orders or any other communications.  Then today, my email completely stopped.

I found the problem tonight and it is now fixed.  If you tried to place an order, but couldn’t during the last couple of days, or if you placed an order at all and haven’t heard from me, feel free to email me now at todd@adifferentdrum.com to confirm.  Send any emails again so I can hear from you and make sure I’m not missing anything.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

Concerning communications, the old phone number for A Different Drum is no longer valid.  Both the 1-888-88-SYNTH and the (435)563-0409 phone numbers will no longer reach the business.   This was done intentionally (unlike the accidental email problem).  During the last couple of years, I have used the phone less and less, and my customers have rarely used the phone either, since the internet is obviously preferred as a communications device these days.  So, I figured it was pointless to pay an extra $100 per month on something I wasn’t using.  It was with sadness that I cancelled that toll-free number which I’ve used for many years, dating way back to when I ran the physical store (yes…brick and mortar).  But, that’s over $1200 per year that I don’t have right now, so it’s time to move on…..or shall I say, time to move completely online :-)

If you need to communicate with me, please use the email address todd@adifferentdrum.com or you can message me on Facebook:

I’m happy to keep shipping your CD’s orders as usual.   I’m just trying to get the lines of communication worked out.


January 16, 2012

A Different Drum Update - January 16th, 2012

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Welcome to a new year!   This is Todd at A Different Drum.   Though I don’t have any new releases to tell you about right now, I wanted to send out the first update of the new year with a couple fun things that might interest you.

First of all, if you enjoy Facebook discussions, I just started one today on my wall, wondering about “the next wave” or “the next generation” of synthpop artists.   Feel free to comment.  Keep in mind that I don’t claim to know everything in records to this music scene (or anything else, for that matter) but I enjoy sharing my experiences and opinions.  I like reading other opinions as well.   Feel free to go to my Facebook page and join in:

Also, if you’re in a bargain shopping mood, I just listed 5 different bulk lots of CD’s on EBay.  These each include bunches of promos, mainstream alternative, etc. CD’s as well as a nice selection of synthpop.   They are not necessarily aimed at synthpop or electro fans, but are merely bulk lots of CD’s for those who like to explores a lot of music in a lot of styles.  If you are interested, then feel free to bid.  Heck, you may find a half-dozen CD’s that you love, and you can sell the rest back to your local used CD store or give them away, or whatever, and it may still be worth it for you :-)   Anyway, you can see those bulk lots here (copy links and paste them into your browser):






OK, I’ll leave you with that for this week.   Hopefully some new CD’s will roll in soon, in which case I’ll let you know.   Thanks for your support!


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