November 20, 2012

A Different Drum Update - Nov. 20th, 2012 - Sale

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  I hope you’re having a great week, and that you’re excited about the upcoming holidays.

Though there are a couple of fun, new releases coming soon, I don’t have any to tell you about at the moment.  But I wanted to have a sale heading into the holidays so that you can pick up some of the CD’s you’ve been wanting at a lower price.   So, all CD’s in the online catalog are now on sale for 20% off.  That only excludes the most recently arrived items, which are few (so most CD’s are on sale).  You’ll see the discount applied when you go through the checkout process.

You can shop the entire catalog by going here :

Also, the EBay auctions continue for those who like to bid on cheap CD’s.  There are not many at the moment, but I hope to get more listed later this week.  See those auctions here :

For those of you who are VIP subscribers, you’ll be happy to know that the Inter-Connection “Life” CD is shipping very soon (hoping to get them out this weekend) and that the new “Robotika” album by Munich Syndrome is headed to the factory and should ship in 2-3 weeks.  If you’re not a subscriber, then feel free to email me about joining as there are a couple of spots currently available.

Thanks for our support!

November 7, 2012

A Different Drum Update - November 7th, 2012

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.  It is time to send out a little update with a spotlight CD release for you.  I just got in a new import CD from France which I think you might enjoy…

Happiness Project “9th Heaven” $18 — This polished synthpop act is happy to present their debut album, and you can watch a couple of their videos to check out their sound and then order the CD from here :

There are some other cool imports and independent releases that I’ll be bringing into the store before the end of the year.  As you can tell, I’m bringing fewer titles into A Different Drum’s store, trying to focus on some of the releases that are otherwise harder to come by, or that might slip past the notice of synthpop fans.  Since I have another full-time job which takes most of my time, my focus with this business has narrowed to the goal of helping the CD collectors to build a fun collection of physical CD releases that they can treasure, as I very much treasure my own CD collection.  Those who have subscribed to the VIP program know that I’ve tried to keep the physical format alive with limited edition releases by new bands and old favorites that otherwise might not have seen the light of day on CD.  I find those efforts manageable (as far as my time restraints go) and very rewarding, as both the collectors and the bands themselves have been grateful to hold a representation of their work in their hands.

If you’re interested in joining the VIP program as a subscriber, just email me at   There are currently a few spots available.

In the meantime, I continue to list clearance CD’s and other products on EBay as a way to pass along some great deals to those who want them.  Right now you can pick up the few remaining Midnight Resistance t-shirts which are all listed in my EBay store, as well as a nice 25-CD box of old label favorites.   You can see my EBay auctions here :

Those auctions will continue in coming weeks with new offers and great deals.

Thanks for your support!  Many of you have become long-time friends over the years, and it is a pleasure interacting with you as we share our love of music.


October 15, 2012

A Different Drum Update - October 15th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  It’s time for another quick update.

First of all, to the VIP subscribers…the 2CD shipment has been sent to all subscribers which includes both excellent albums by WANTed and Supercraft!  If you have not received yours yet, then watch your mailbox because it will arrive any moment.   I think you’ll be very pleased with these top-notch releases.

If you are not a VIP subscriber, and you want exclusive monthly CD releases shipped to you automatically, then email me and let me know.  I currently have a couple of openings for new subscribers available.


PROVISION “A New Revolution” $12 — The new album by Provision is here!  These guys have been one of the most popular bands in the USA synthpop underground for years now, with several albums under their belt.  You won’t be disappointed by the latest, which you can order here :

EBAY auctions continue…

The first large batch of CD auctions on EBay has completed, which included some used, out-of-print items along with some clearance CD’s that were new and still in shrinkwrap.  The auctions continue now, and I’ll keep updating the listings with more CD’s.  There are currently a couple of 10-packs if you want 10 copies of an album to give away at parties or whatever.  Plus, I’ll soon be listing some clearance t-shirts.

You can check the ongoing EBAY clearance auctions by going to my link right here :

Or I believe this link will show you ALL of the current auctions in one shot:

I hope you have a wonderful week.  Thanks for helping me keep this small piece of the independent music world alive through your support.

September 29, 2012

A Different Drum Update - September 29th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum.  It’s time for a little update for you, plus a couple more tidbits about how A Different Drum is changing…


De/Vision “Rockets and Swords” $15 — The new De/Vision album is available for order on A Different Drum’s page now.  The regular, US edition has 10 tracks and you can order it here :

If you prefer the limited German edition of “Rockets and Swords”, which has 12 tracks, you can order it here :

Daybehavior “Follow That Car” $18 — The long-awaited new album by Daybehavior is available as an import.  You can check out the trailer and order the CD here :


I’ve recently sent out some clearance lists for cool CD’s at great prices, and some of you have taken advantage of those.  However, I’ve seen a problem which has become discouraging to some CD shoppers when I do those “email only” lists.  The folks who are constantly checking their emails tend to jump right onto the most desired CD’s, and since I only have a couple left in stock, they sell out immediately and then I get a bunch of emails from people requesting CD’s that are no longer available.  I think that this has lessened people’s desire to order the clearance titles because they figure it is hopeless if they haven’t responded in the first few minutes.

So, as I pull together clearance items, as well as some older, out-of-print CD’s, etc. I’m going to list them on EBay.   Why?  Well, this way, each CD is listed for an entire week, giving everybody a chance to react and get a shot at the CD’s that they want.   I’ll start each CD at 99 cents, plus the usual shipping cost, and then let YOU decide what you are willing to pay.  I know that the whole “auction” approach doesn’t appeal to some people, but it seems the most fair way to give everybody a shot at a great deal.

If you would like to watch during the coming days and weeks as items are added to my EBay listings, here is the link to my EBay store :

There are only six items there at the moment, since I just barely started listing, but they will increase during the week.  I’ll probably begin offering more and more and more items this way, both old and new, through EBay, giving people a great chance to grab what they want.  Heck, even new releases may show up there.  Concerning shipping….if you bid and win on multiple items on EBay, then wait until I send you the invoice for your items via EBay, so I can adjust the shipping cost so that it matches what you would pay on A Different Drum’s website.   Thus you will not pay more for shipping by winning multiple items.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  I’m sometimes slow to reply to emails these days since I’m only available to work with A Different Drum a couple times per week (you know…other full-time job, etc.), but I do reply to the emails I receive at


September 14, 2012

A Different Drum - Clearance CD List

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Hello friends of A Different Drum.  It is time for another clearance CD list.  The CD’s listed here are not necessarily priced at a discount on the website, but are available through email request.  Whoever claims them first will get them at the discounted price, and I’ll reply with an invoice so you can send the payment.   First come…first serve.

Also, if you are wondering…  YES, I’ll have the new De/Vision album for order next week, and the new Daybehavior CD is also on the way.  Sorry for the wait on those–you’ll be able to order them from the website soon :-)


Elegant Machinery “Move” (MCD) $6
Endanger “Die Show Muss Weitergehen” $5
Estrange “On the Wane” $10
John Foxx “Metatronic” (2CD+DVD) $10
Goodbye July “It was Dark for So Long We Thought We Were Dead” $8
Huminoida “Whiter Album” $10
Hurts “Blood Tears and Gold” (MCD) $5
Hyperbubble “Better Set Your Phasers to Stun” (MCD) $4
I Synthesist “Art of Survival” $6
IAMX “Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK” $10
IAMX “Kingdom of Welcome Addiction” $10
Informatik “Arena” $10
Individual Industry “Dreams Never End” $8
Interface “Body Flow” (MCD) $3
Interface “Vision of Modern Life” $10
Kite “III” (CDEP) $6
Legacy of Music “Ex-pedition” $12
Legacy of Music “4-Ward” $12
Level 2.0 “Battle Sight Zero” $8
Level 2.0 “Armageddon” $8
Liquid Divine “Sojourner EP” (CDEP) $6
Liquid Divine “Autophobia” $10
Magikbrite “Clinical Heroes” $5
Felix Marc “The Muse” (MCD) $6
Thermostatic “Humanizer” $12

OK, that’s the list for today.  Email me at (or reply to this update) to let me know what you want, and I’ll reply to let you know what you got and send an invoice.  Give me a few days, since sometimes I get a pile of replies and have to see who gets which CD’s first :-)


August 25, 2012

A Different Drum Update - August 25th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!   I’m back from a vacation last week, and then a busy week of trying to catch up.  Don’t you wish things didn’t pile up whenever we take a little break?

Anyway…there are a couple of new items in the store that I wanted to mention to you.  Plus, I’m going to be making another email-only clearance list soon, as I continue to downsize the number of titles sitting on my shelf.   I’m trying to make A Different Drum very stream-lined so I only focus on bringing in the hard-to-find, independent synthpop release while they’re hot off the presses, then keep moving onward to the next discoveries.  I don’t have time to maintain a store like I used to, but I want to keep things going the best I can for the collectors and fans like you who have supported me through the years.

So, watch for another list coming soon.  With this update, I’m going to mention a couple “bonus” items that I have temporarily in stock which are not listed on the website.   If you want them, you’ll have to email me.  But first… two new arrivals:

Distant Project “Extraordinary” CD $16 — This is the cool new album by Distant Project, imported from Argentina, and it sounds more polished and solid than their previous albums, which were already good to begin with.   Check out the sample and order the CD here :

Matt Mancid featuring RENAME “YouLove” (Promo CDR) $12 — This is a very limited promotional CD from Germany.  It is a collaboration between melodic trance artist, Matt Mancid, and Marcus of Rename on vocals.  It’s a wonderful vocal trance track, and the single features several promotional remixes.  I only have a few, so you can order your CD here :

BONUS ITEMS…email order only:

If you want these, email me directly.  I only have one or two of each, and they are not listed on the website.  I’ll send a Paypal invoice if you want them…

Rename “In the Mix” $24 — This is a very limited promo CDR featuring some remixes and demos that Rename has put together over the years, not previously released elsewhere.  It is signed by Marcus and only a few people in the world have it.

Iris “Unknown” (MCD) $12 — This is the out-of-print single by Iris featuring 5 tracks.  It sells for twice the price on Amazon, so if anybody wants this one as a back-up, or to collect, I have it for you.   It is opened (not shrinkwrapped).

Intact “Inner Workings” $10 — This classic synthpop treat from the US underground is the band from Ken Porter before he formed INTUITION.  Steven Bakos was on vocals with Intact.   Maybe somebody missed this one back in the day and you want it now?

Shades of Grey “All I Have to Give” $10 — Speaking of old, American synthpop underground…this one was released by Synthphony Records back in 2001 and may also be a missing piece in somebody’s collection?  Let me know if you want it.

If you’re interested in more of these older titles that I come across, and you want me to mention them in updates like this, just let me know.  Sometimes I think it’s fun when I come across them and think, “Hey, I remember that!”  So, I grab them or hold onto them for a while.  But if there are some of you out there who have a hard time coming across the older stuff, I’ll grab an extra whenever I can.


August 8, 2012

A Different Drum Update - Aug 8th, 2012

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This is Todd at A Different Drum.  I hope you’re having a great week.

I just want to let everybody know that I’m on vacation this week and away from my office.  I’m sorry I forgot to mention it earlier.  I am unable to ship any orders while I’m away, so if you’re waiting for an order this week, you’ll have to be patient.  Of course, you can still place orders (and I’d be delighted if you did) but I just can’t put them in the mail until I’m back.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

There are a couple of recent arrivals in the store that I’ll mention here as well…


Assemblage 23 “Bruise” (limited edition 2CD) $18 — The new album by the dark synthpop / industrial dance band is now available.  The limited edition features a bonus disc with ten extra tracks!  You can order the 2CD here :

Cesium 137 “Science and Sound” $15 — Another top-notch act when it comes to dark synthpop and industrial dance sounds, you can now pick up the latest by Cesium 137.   Order the CD here :

Thanks for your support, and I’ll be back in action later next week to fill order and catch up on email, etc.

July 27, 2012

A Different Drum Update - July 27th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  It’s time to let you know about three new, German imports that just came into the store.


Future Perfect “Escape” $20 — This is a strong, uptempo debut album that will please synthpop fans around the world.  There is a nice blend of male and female lead vocals.  You can watch one of their music videos and order the CD here :

Vanguard “Sanctuary” $20 — Also imported from the German label, Conzoom, this new release is very strong with the traditional Depeche Mode-esque flavor that still thrives in the scene.  You can listen to a sample mix from the album and order the CD here :

Sound Tesselated “Morning” $20 — This is a German underground synthpop act that has several albums under their belt.  This latest is once again laden with strong melodies and polished vocals.  You can listen to a sample song and order the CD here :

If you remember the last update I sent, there was an email-only CD clearance list.   There area only a few items left from that list which are still available.  If you would like any of these, please email me at and I’ll set you up with an invoice to complete the payment.   These go on a first-come, first-serve basis:

Akanoid “Civil Demon” $10
Alice in Videoland “A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You” $8
Ambra “Sulphur Salt and Mercury” (MCD) $3
Ambra “Dream the Summer Back” (MCD) $3
Apoptygma Berzerk “Black EP Vol 2″ $6
Auto Auto “Celeste” $10
Bionic “Close to Nature” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Show and Tell” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Nothing & Nowhere” $10
Celluloide “Passion & Excitements” $10
Cosmic Intent “Collective Illusions” $6
Cruel Black Dove “The Myth and the Sum” $3
Cruel Black Dove “Full Powers” $3
Deine Lakaien “Indicator” $12
Digital Machine (Russian synthpop) $8
Diary of Dreams “If” $8
Distance “At the End of All Things” $8
Edge of Dawn “Stage Fright” $10
Endanger “Revolt” $10
Endanger “Die Show Muss Weitergehen” $6
Estrange “On the Wane” $8
Frozen Plasma “Monumentum” $8
Goodbye July “It Was Dark for So Long We Thought We Were Dead” $6

Thanks again for your support!

July 11, 2012

A Different Drum Update - July 11th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  It’s time for a short update, which also begins another cycle of clearance titles on sale!

As I continue to streamline A Different Drum into a store that offers the latest independent and imported synthpop CD’s for the collectors, I’m going to thin out the existing inventory even more.  I’d like to create a simple catalog of the latest offerings, since I can’t afford to keep a large inventory always on hand.  Because of this effort, many titles that have been sitting on my shelves are going to be offered at email-only discount prices for those of you who read this update.

More about that…after the new releases.


Silica Gel “Lengua Mater” (2CDR) $20 — This is the newest album from one of Spain’s most exciting synthpop acts, Silica Gel.  It features a disc of all-new songs, plus a 2nd, bonus disc of extra remixes.  You can see the track list and listen to an album preview, as well as order the 2CD right here :

Peter Heppner “My Heart of Stone” $24 — This is the new album by Peter Heppner and it’s as marvelous as you’d expect from the ex-Wolfsheim vocalist.  I originally received the limited edition 2CD a couple of weeks ago, then sent out a tweet about it.  I immediately sold out of that limited edition and now only have the regular edition available for order.  Actually, I’m waiting for my new supply to arrive from Germany, but if you want to hop aboard, you can order that regular edition here (delivery may be delayed):

Speaking of limited editions, I still have a few copies left of the super-deluxe edition of And One’s new album available for order here with the collector box :


These CD’s are being sold at discount prices ONLY through this update.  If you want to order any of these titles, then please email with a list of the ones you want.  They will be shipped out on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I will send you an invoice for the titles that are available from your request, then you can complete the payment to receive your discounted CDs.

Here are the titles available this time:

A-Ha “Foot of the Mountain” $10
Akanoid “Civil Demon” $10
Alice in Videoland “A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You” $8
Alice in Videoland “She’s a Machine!” $8
Ambra “Sulphur Salt and Mercury” (MCD) $3
Ambra “Dream the Summer Back” (MCD) $3
Apoptygma Berzerk “Black EP Vol 2″ $6
Apoptygma Berzerk “You and Me Against the World” $8
Assemblage 23 “Compass” $8
Auto Auto “Celeste” $10
Autodafeh “Act of Faith” $8
Autodafeh “Re:Lectro” $4
Bionic “Close to Nature” $10
BeataBeatrix “In the Garden of Ecstasy” $6
Bio (Russian synthpop) $8
The Birthday Massacre “Pins and Needles” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Walking With Strangers” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Show and Tell” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Nothing & Nowhere” $10
Camouflage “Relocated” $12
Celluloide “Passion & Excitements” $10
Cosmic Intent “Collective Illusions” $6
Cruel Black Dove “The Myth and the Sum” $3
Cruel Black Dove “Full Powers” $3
Culture Kulture “Spirit” $10
Cyber Space “Future on Mars” $8
Deine Lakaien “Indicator” $12
Digital Machine (Russian synthpop) $8
Diary of Dreams “If” $8
Distance “At the End of All Things” $8
Dual Density “Soul Ecstasy” $10
Elevated Sins “Myth” (MCD) $3
Edge of Dawn “Stage Fright” $10
Edge of Dawn “Anything That Gets You Through the Night” $10
Endanger “Revolt” $10
Endanger “Die Show Muss Weitergehen” $6
Erasure “Tomorrow’s World” (2CD) $10
Estrange “On the Wane” $8
Frozen Plasma “Monumentum” $8
Funkervogt “Blutzoll (limited edition)” $10
Goodbye July “It Was Dark for So Long We Thought We Were Dead” $6
Headless “Imperfect: Mensch” $10

That’s the list for today.  Let me know if there is anything you’d like.  Again, it’s first-come, first-serve, and there are only one or two copies of most of these titles.


June 8, 2012

A Different Drum Update - June 8th, 2012

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum, and I have a BIG update for you this week.  There are a lot of exciting new releases that rolled into the store.  Let’s run through them quickly so you can explore the new tunes and see what you’d like to add to your collection.


And One “S.T.O.P.” (limited edition “Home Box”) $50 — If you’re a bit collector and love And One, then you may want to gab this super-limited box set.  Not only does it contain the new album, but also the “Treibwerk” EP and a bunch of And One extras like a mousepad, stickers, buttons, postcards, and more.  It’s all packaged in a nice, large box that will look great on your shelf.  You an order the limited edition box here :

And One “S.T.O.P.” (limited edition 2CD) $22 — If you don’t need the box of extras, then you can still get the limited double-disc import edition which features the new album as well as the “Treibwerk” CD EP.  You can order the limited edition import here :

Midnight Resistance “The Mirror Cage” $20 — This import is the second album from Midnight Resistance, a band that A Different Drum introduced to the synthpop world a few years back.  The album has been anxiously anticipated and is now available.  You can listen to one of the songs and order the new CD here :

SPOCK “Another Piece of the Action - The Best of the SubSpace Years” $20 — This famed Swedish synthpop act has been silent for a while, and this new release revisits the favorite tracks from the latter years of their existence (after Energy Rekords, when they were on SubSpace Records).   So, pick up a nice dose of quirky, sci-fi flavored SPOCK favorites and order the CD here :

Alpha Point “High Like the Angels” $20 — This is a new, melodic futurepop act from Europe, and you can listen to a megamix of samples from the album to get the idea of what they are like.  Click here to hear the samples and order the new Alpha Point CD :

Continues “Continues” $20 — I liked the sound of this new act.  The synths are pure, and the voice has a very “new wave” feel to it.  You can listen to one of the songs and order the debut Continues album here :

Rygar “Modulation” $18 — A couple of well-known names from the spacesynth community teamed up to create this Rygar album, and you get exactly what you’d expect.  You get a CD packed with retro-flavored instrumental spacesynth music that will keep your body moving.  You can listen to the samples and order the new Rygar CD here :

Retronic Voice “Awakening” $18 — This new album is dripping with the old-school synthpop and italo-disco sound.  It’s like spacesynth music with vocal melodies for the synthpop fans.   You can listen to a song and order the new album here :

Joy Peters “Back to Joy” $18 — Another old-school italo-disco / synthpop name from the past is back with a CD collection of melodic, catchy synthpop tunes.  You can listen to a sample, and order the CD here :

The Frozen Autumn “Emotional Screening Device” $20 — Due to popular demand, this old album from The Frozen Autumn is again re-released on CD. You can order the CD here :

That should help keep you entertained for a while.  Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll leave you with this announcement from Color Theory, for those of you who are interested:

Color Theory releases new EP: Adjustments Pt. 1
Brian Hazard of Color Theory has unveiled a new EP, his first collection of original material in nearly two years. Adjustments Pt. 1 contains five new songs and five remixes of those songs. This is the first of three Adjustments EPs, which will culminate in an album consisting of the best 10-11 songs.
1. What You Said
2. Drive You Home
3. Slot Machine
4. A Slip of the Finger
5. That
6. What You Said (Matt Mancid Remix)
7. Drive You Home (Robots With Rayguns Mix)
8. Slot Machine (Diskodikator Remix)
9. A Slip of the Finger (Adam Gubman Remix)
10. That (Neil Delta Mix)
Adjustments Pt. 1 is available directly from the artist at


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