April 25, 2013

A Different Drum Update - April 25th, 2013

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Hello synthpop fans and friends of A Different Drum!

It is time for an update, and there are a few CD’s that have arrived in the store during the last couple of weeks.  Also, there are a few bulk-lot CD auctions that will be finishing today, if you want to jump in.  Though all the CD’s aren’t synthpop, there are several in each lot that ARE, and probably worth the low price with free shipping (in the USA only).  See those auctions here :



Mesh “Automation Baby” $15 — This is the new album by synthpop heroes, MESH.   They are always true to their sound and I haven’t heard them disappoint yet.  You can order their new CD here :

Concerning Mesh, there is an imported limited edition of the album, but I was unable to get any.  Yes…quite sad.  So, all I have is the regular, USA edition and not the expensive import.   Also, I had expected a shipment of the import CD single of “Born to Lie” weeks ago, but it never arrived.  I found out today that it was returned to the shipper, so now they have to ship it once again back to me.  I’ve had bad luck all around with this new Mesh stuff.  But alas, it will arrive eventually if you need the single too.

OMD “English Electric” $14 — Speaking of synthpop heroes and regular editions…  I also have the regular, USA release of OMD’s latest offering.  They are putting out some great stuff the last few years and it’s good to have them active again.   Order the new CD here :

Galactic Warriors “Under Attack” (2CD) $18 — For the fans of spacesynth music, here is a top-notch release for you!  This 2CD also features the “Return to Atlantis” album so you’re getting 2-for-1 here, and it is very polished instrumental synthpop with some heavy robot vocal additions.  Fun stuff!  Check out the album samples and order the 2CD here :

Informatik “Playing With Fire” $15 — For those of you who enjoy the more industrial-flavored dance music, Informatik has a new offering for you as well.  They have a solid following and a nice blend of industrial and synthpop sounds.   Pick up their new CD here :


I just picked up a good deal on a few old-school synthpop / new wave releases from Germany.  These are CD’s that present archive recordings from the past, so though they may be rough around the edges in terms of audio quality, they present a nice glimpse of synthpop’s early days in the underground.   The following releases are all $10, so a good deal for collectors.  I’ve put sample videos on all four releases so you can check out the sounds:

Sonnenbrandt “Gestern” $10 — Order the CD here :

Im Namen des Volkes “Volksmusik” $10 — Order the CD here :

Bal Pare “Ein Tag am Meer” $10 — Order the CD here :

Umpire “Another Substance Called” $10 — Order the CD here :

That’s all for this time, but I hope to have another update for you soon.  Thanks for your support!

April 8, 2013

A Different Drum Update - April 8th, 2013

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.   It’s time for a quick update, and guess what…. it’s also tax time!

Yes, as with every year, as April 15th approaches, it is time to pay taxes in the USA and it looks like I owe the state some money this year.  That means it’s time for a quick, “tax day sale”.   So, until April 15th, you can save 20% on your order through www.adifferentdrum.com   That excludes the new releases that have shown up in the last couple of months, but includes everything else.  The discount will show during CHECKOUT.

Check out the sale and grab what you’ve been wanting right away.

Also, there are a couple new releases that were added to the catalog this week.


Monica Jeffries “Back to Eden” $15 — Here is a fun synthpop import with a cool, female lead vocalist.  It’s bouncy, catchy, and fun.   You can check out samples of the entire album through the video and order the CD here :

Isaac Junkie featuring Andreas Kubat “Save Me From Myself” MCD $10 — Isaac Junkie is a Mexican electronic producer who likes teaming up with synthpop vocalists from around the world on collaborative singles.  Here is the latest project from Isaac, this time featuring vocal contributions from Andreas Kubat of Northern Lite.  The flavor of Isaac’s work is usually futurepop, with a blend of synthpop and industrial dance edge.  You can check out one of the songs and order the limited edition CD here :

Have a wonderful week, and for those of you in the USA who have procrastinated doing your taxes until now…best of luck to you!

March 25, 2013

A Different Drum Update - March 25th, 2013

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Well, we’re almost to the end of March already.  It seems time is flying by so much more quickly than it used to.

There are a couple new releases in A Different Drum’s store that I want to tell you about.


Hurts “Exile” $24 — I absolutely loved the first album by Hurts, discovering a band that could not only pack an electronic pop album full of emotion, but seemed able to make every song into a single-worthy pop anthem.  Their new album still has some of the emotion and drama, but also has more of an edge than the first.  You can listen to an album preview and order the German import of the limited edition (features a bonus DVD and extra songs) right here :

Space March “Mountain King” $15 — It seems we barely had a new album from Australia’s synthpop act, Space March, yet here is a new one with fresh, new songs.  The title track plays with some of the tune from the popular classical tune, “In the Hall of the Mountain King” and I liked the way it turned out.  I remember that Erasure did an instrumental synthpop version of that old tune many years ago.  Anyway, you can order the new album here :


I’ve been focusing on some 25-CD box lots on EBay the last couple of weeks.  There are currently three listed, and I’ll list some more when these are done.  The lots are not 100% synthpop, but they tend to be about half synthpop, and they’ve been going for about $10 lately, which makes them an extremely good deal (free shipping only in the USA).   So, check them out and maybe you’ll find a great deal– even if you only like 4 or 5 CD’s in the bunch, you’ll be getting a steal on them!

See the auctions here :


Thanks for your support!
-Todd Durrant

March 11, 2013

A Different Drum Update - March 11th, 2013

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This is Todd at A Different Drum.  As promised, here is another update with several Russian imports.  Not all of the CD’s in this update are by Russian bands, but most are released in Russia, where synthpop appears to be setting up a stronghold.  The scene there and the sounds coming out of these Russian labels reminds me a lot of the Swedish synthpop movement in the 90’s.   Anyway…on with the new arrivals!


Fate Creator “Creator of Fate” $15 — This is one of the edgier sounding releases in this week’s update with strong, pounding beats and some guitar samples thrown in for a powerful sound.  Check out samples from the entire album and order the CD here :

WANT/ed “Never Will Take it Back / Start to Live” $8 — Those who are VIP subscribers with A Different Drum are familiar with this band, as they received the limited edition version of their recent album.  This is an extended single packed with seventeen tracks including nine versions of “Never Will Take it Back” and five version of “Start to Live”, plus other bonuses.  You can see the track list and order the CD here :

Spreading Point “Re-Start (Re-Mixed)” $15 — This CD is packed with remixes of songs from the band’s self-released CDR, “Re-Start” and it features a lot of classic synthpop sounds and catchy melodies.   You can listen to samples from the album and order the CD here :

Inter-Connection “Traces from Heaven” $15 — Again, if you are a VIP subscriber, then you know Inter-Connection well, having received two stellar albums as limited editions through the club.  You may be surprised to know that they have yet another album available as a Russian import CD.  Here it is, and it is every bit as good!  You can listen to a couple of entire songs and order the CD here :

Note:  It looks like there is a copy or two floating around of Inter-Connection’s amazing “Chrome” album here :

Dark Phenomenon “Favour” $15 — We have had the “Disfavour” album in stock at A Different Drum for a while now, and it has been well received by fans of classic synthpop.  Now you can pick up the “Favour” CD which features remixes from that album.  It is packed with seventeen tracks and you can order the remix collection here :

Dark Phenomenon “Disfavour” $15 — As mentioned, this album has been in stock for a while, but if you haven’t checked it out, you can watch a video and order the CD here :

Various Artists “We Love Synthpop - The Album” (2CD) $15 — Oh, the good old days when you could discover a pile of new synthpop bands by picking up a sampler.  Well, here you go!  This release features two CD’s of artists pulled from around the world, waiting for you to discover!  Check out the tracklist, loaded with plenty of newcomers, and order the 2CD here :

Jens Bader “Unisex” $16 — OK, away from the Russian imports, and back to Germany.  Jens Bader cranks out albums like an electronic pop madman, apparently writing songs in every spare minute.  Here is the newest album, once again loaded with his signature synthpop sound and snappy lyrical attitude.  Order the new CD here :

Thanks again for your ongoing support, and I hope you have a wonderful week!   If you’re interested in seeing some auctions of bulk CD lots that I’m putting together, you can check them out here :

I’ll be adding more as the week progresses.


March 4, 2013

A Different Drum Update - March 4th, 2013

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This is Todd at A Different Drum with an update for my synthpop friends.

Today’s update can be called “From Russia With Love, Part 1″.  The synthpop scene seems to be thriving in Russia these days, and today I have a few Russian imports for you.  There is another batch of Russian imports on the way, so I’ll send another update when those arrive.  These should get you started on the right foot…

Mental Discipline “Constellation” $18 — This a slamming futurepop release packed with energy and some of the most noteworthy vocalists in the scene, including contributions from Felix Marc, Pulcher Femina, Endanger, Spektralized, Culture Kultur, Distain, etc.  You can listen to an entire album preview and order this excellent import CD here :

Digital Machine “If You Are With Me” $15 — Digital Machine plays synthpop with Russian language vocals, and has been a consistent seller for A Different Drum the last few years. They are one of the main staples in the Russian synthpop scene.   You can order their newest CD right here :

Various Artists “Synth Radio Russians Collection” $15 — Here is a great way to explore the Russian synthpop underground!  You can pick up this compilation CD with bands like Digital Machine, Mental Discipline, Want/ed, Purple Fog Side, Limelight, and many others!  Order this top-notch sampler here :

Also, if you’re not a member of the VIP Club, but you want to check out another Russian band called WANTed, then I believe there is still a CD or two available on Amazon where it was listed when it was released to the subscribers.  You can see it here :

Here is another Russian band that plays some excellent synthpop music, released a couple of years back.  I don’t think you’ll get the VIP edition if you order from Amazon, but the original edition.  But I see it is listed , and I think it is definitely worth a listen:

And here is one more Russian artist that was released to VIP subscribers, but I see that Amazon has a copy on hand.  This guy plays a more mellow, hypnotic synth sound with a few instrumentals, and a couple of tracks featuring vocals from Brian Hazard of Color Theory.  Check it out :

Anyway, I hope that helps get you going with some Russian synthpop, and as I mentioned above, I’ll have more for you very soon!

February 22, 2013

A Different Drum Update - February 22nd, 2013

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Hello once again from the frozen lands of A Different Drum.  Yep, it’s still cold outside…at least where I live.  But hey, a little synthpop might warm things up.

There are a couple new arrivals that I’d like to mention, plus I’m trying to get some good deals into the store for you.  The discounts continue on EBay, though I haven’t had much time to list stuff the last couple of weeks…but I also want to get some great deals in the store as well, so I’ll mention those here.


Rename “Not Just a Dream” (promo CD single) $16 — Rename has released another extremely limited promo single, and I only have a few, so order quickly if you’d like one.  There are seven versions of the title track on this CDR limited to 100 copies and autographed by Marcus.  Order here if you want one :

TQ “Let’s Go to Tokyo” (MCD) $12 — This is a cool single packed with 8 versions of a very retro-flavored synthpop / Italo-disco flavored song by TQ.  You can watch the video to hear the song, and you can order the CD here :

Coming soon… New MESH CD single, “Born to Lie”.   I’ll have the recent single on import CD for the fans and collectors.  I’ll add it to the website store as soon as it finally arrives from Germany.


Here are two imports from Argentina which A Different Drum has had in the store before, but if you missed them, now you can get them for a great price!  I’m trying to work out deals for synthpop fans, and this is one you might enjoy.  Each of these is only $5 for an entire, import album.

Hopeless “Believe” $5 — Watch the video, check out their sound, and if you like it, pick up the album for only $5!  Order it here :

Hidden Place “Weather Station - Early Works” $5 — Get some vintage, unique electronic pop music as re-issued and imported from Argentina, for only $5!  Listen to a track and order the CD here :


As usual, you can check out ongoing auctions here .  There isn’t much right now, but I’ll try to keep adding some good offers:



If you are a fan of the excellent band SYRIAN who have worked for many years with A Different Drum, then you’ll be happy to check out their digital single.  It is very much in the same sound as their “De-Synchronized” album and very catch:


Thanks for your support, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


January 31, 2013

A Different Drum Update - January 31st, 2013

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Hello from A Different Drum!  I hope that you are all having a great week.  There are a couple new items that have arrived in the store, so here’s a little update for you…


The Azoic “Corruption” (CDEP) $11 — It is time for some new music from the popular synthpop / industrial dance act, The Azoic.  This 12-track CD is packed with six remixes of the title track, plus plenty of extras.  You can watch a video for “Corruption” and order the new CD here :

Lakeside X “City of Red Lights” $20 — I’ve always enjoyed the mood and music of Lakeside X (known originally as Lakeside Church).  I’m excited for this new album, which includes a bonus disc with that original first album so you can have the first and the latest together.   You can listen to some music and order the CD here :


For the VIP subscribers reading this update, the current plan is to ship another 2 CD’s together, which will include the compilation “What We’ve Done Lately” which features new songs and remixes from classic A Different Drum label artists, plus the compilation CD “A Different Mix 8″ featuring remixes from Syrian.  Those packages should leave in a couple of weeks.  We’re already preparing the next releases for you as well, which will include a unique US mixed edition of a Foretaste album, renamed to “American Terrorist TV Show” plus a new release from the Australian act, Alien Skin.  We’ve also got a planned release of greatest collaboration tracks from Isaac Junkie which features vocal appearances by several synthpop singers from around the world.  You’ll love these limited edition releases!

Thanks for your support.  Once again, if you’re interested in seeing some EBay auctions, check out the pile of current listings right here :


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link which says “view all listings”.


Be sure to check out the EBay deal for a huge, 70-CD box lot including albums, singles, compilations, limited editions, etc.  Just having fun with this one :


Have a great day, and thanks for your support!

January 17, 2013

A Different Drum Update - January 17th, 2013

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This is Todd at A Different Drum, and I wish you a very happy new year!  Things have been quiet here, bringing in the new year with a lot of obligations outside of my music interests.  I wish I had more time to dedicated to A Different Drum, like I did years ago, but alas, at least I still have a little piece of this dream to keep me going.  I received a fun new release this week, so I thought I’d send out this message to let you know about it.


Galaxy Hunter “Quantum of Galaxy” $18 — Galaxy Hunter is a band that has been stocked in A Different Drum’s store for several years.  The main man in charge plays a very retro sound, influenced heavily by Euro disco and spacesynth.  Sometimes he leans on the instrumental side of the spectrum, while other times he pulls in a lovely female vocalist to sing along.  This new album does features some tunes with the vocalist and you can listen to one of the songs here, and then order the CD if you’d like :

I’m sorry there aren’t more new releases for you right now.  Of course, there is always new music out there, and many places to turn as you explore.  I’ll try to keep bringing in some of the hard-to-find independent releases a few at a time, and I’ll continue to focus on bringing unique CD releases to the VIP subscribers who have signed up to receive them.

Once again, I have a few items listed on EBay. Some of them are the same as before, but maybe you’ll find something worth picking up at a great price.  I also have a couple of boxes of DVD cases that I don’t need, in case you’d like some.  I’ll toss a couple of synthpop CD’s in the boxes of the winners if you should pick up those DVD cases, just to make it something of a bonus surprise.

You can see those auctions here :


Thanks for your support, and I hope to be in touch again soon :-)

December 20, 2012

A Different Drum Update - December 20th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!   This will probably be my last update until after the holidays…so Merry Christmas!

There are a couple new releases in the store to wrap up 2012.  Again, with the focus on new bands and CD’s that are a bit harder to find, let’s check out the new arrivals…

Florence Foster Fan Club “Asymmetric” $18 — Imported from Brazil, this is the 2nd CD that A Different Drum has carried by Florence Foster Fan Club, a minimal synthpop act with a hypnotic, yet memorable sound.  I think you’ll like what you hear on the sample I’ve posted on the website.  You can hear them and order the CD here :

Legend “Fearless” $16 — Imported from Canada, you’ll quickly hear why there is a lot of buzz about this new darkwave, synthpop act.  Watch the video that I’ve linked on the website and see what you think.   You can order the CD here :

Remember, I’ve also got the new Eloquent CD in stock and available for order here :

A little update for the VIP Subscribers:

All of the VIP members in the USA have received their Inter-Connection “Life” CD’s already.  The overseas subscribers will received a package with 2 CD’s, including the Inter-Connection and also the new Munich Syndrome CD, which will begin shipped this weekend.   The planned “A Different Mix 8″ CD with Syrian remixes is going to be a bit late, since the band can’t master the CD until the holiday break, due to work schedules, but it will come out ASAP.  Also, the cool “What We’ve Done Lately” compilation featuring new tracks by several bands who have been released on A Different Drum’s label through the years…it is now in mastering and will also be coming out in January.  It features songs from B! Machine, Fantazja, Neuropa, Somegirl, Neuroactive, Rename, and more!   Also, Alien Skin is wrapping up a VIP CD release for us, and we’ve got a couple of new artists also lined up for early 2012 and an exclusive USA edition of an out-of-print album by the French act, Foretaste.   That let’s you know what is expected for the VIP’s.

Thanks for your support!

December 6, 2012

A Different Drum Update - December 6th, 2012

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Hello friends!  This is Todd at A Different Drum.   I wanted to let you know about some new releases that are in the store now, just in time for the holidays.


Eloquent “Party Favours” $12 — The new album from Eloquent is available for order now, and if features 17 new tracks!  You can watch a video and listen to a couple of the complete album tracks, and order the CD here :

Neuton Mouse “Dogmatica” $16 — Fans of spacesynth music, get ready for some new tunes!  This is one of two new releases from Spacesound Records which just arrived.  Fun, synthpoppy instrumental tunes to keep your fingers snapping!  Check out the album sampler and order the CD here :

Synthesis “Galaxy Fighters” $16 — After years of silence, Synthesis is back with new spacesynth music that is true to the genre, built around retro sounds with futuristic themes.  You can listen to an album sampler and order the CD here :

There are also some new EBAY listings that may interest you.  VERY COOL– I just listed a few out-of-print CD’s including some limited edition double-discs, plus some long out-of-print singles from A Different Drum’s label.   If you have holes to fill in your collection, or you’re a big fan, you may want to jump on these auctions.

You can see the auctions by going here :

There are CD’s by Iris, De/Vision, Neuropa, B! Machine, etc. plus a couple of the hard-to-find “Synthpop Club Anthems” volumes.

Thanks for your support!

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