September 30, 2013

A Different Drum - Website Ordering Options

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.

For the last week I’ve been trying to get a problem fixed that has made it impossible to place orders on A Different Drum’s website.  There has been a “bot” program or something trying to mess with the forms.  Fortunately, there is no sensitive information stored on the site, so there isn’t any danger to any customers, but it makes it so that the server had to block the attacks, resulting in customers not being able to complete checkout.  It’s one of the complicated and irritating technology things… Argh!

Anyway, for those of you who want to order some CD’’s, which I’d appreciate since I don’t have any order for the last week, here are some alternatives.

First, you can check out the current catalog and order through GEMM, where I’ve uploaded my inventory list.  Shop here:

Also, I’m listing specific new releases on EBay for you to click to buy.  They are not auctions, but simply “buy it now” offers so that you can pick up the hottest new CD’s quickly and easily.  I like this option, since checkout through EBay is very easy:

Here is a link to buy BLUME “Autumn Ruins” CD.  Click here:

Here is a link to buy GLASNOST “Mirror” CD. Click here:

Here is a link to buy “What We’ve Done Lately” compilation CD.  Click here:

Here is a link to buy NEUTRAL LIES “Cryptex” CD.  Click here:

That’s all I’ve got time to list on EBay tonight (have to get to bed so I can work in the morning).  I’ll try to put some more up there this, so you can keep checking back.  There are a couple other sales I’ve got going on EBay right now.

Hopefully this website issue can be worked out soon.  It’s been running for many years, so it is a shame to suddenly have it ruined by what is probably some hacker kids running bot programs for kicks.  Such is the world we live in.

Have a wonderful week!  ALSO, if you have ANYTHING you’d like to buy from the online catalog, you can still browse all the CD’s here:

And then email me at and I can simply send you a Paypal invoice for your entire order…if that’s what you prefer.  I’ll do whatever I can to make it easy for you.


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