September 30, 2011

A Different Drum Update - September 30th, 2011

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Hello my friends!  It’s time for a little update.   First, for the VIP subscribers who read this news report, you’ll be happy to know that the late Rename “Evolution” subscriber CD has been shipped to all US subscribers.  If you’re overseas, then your Rename CD will be shipped together with the other late CD by Northern Kind, since they’re arriving very close together.  You can expect a little bonus surprise in that future package too….of a somewhat silly nature.

Now let’s look at the latest arrivals in A Different Drum’s store…


Apoptygma Berzerk “Black EP Volume 2″ $11 — Here is another collection of remixes from Apoptygma Berzerk’s more recent material.   There are remixes from artists like Rotersand, People Theatre, Spektralized, etc.   You can see the complete track list and order the CD here :

Solar Fake “Frontiers” $20 — This is the new import release from the top-notch futurepop / dark synthpop act, Solar Fake.   You can watch a video from the album and order the new CD here :

Trans Atlantic Crush “Remember” $14 — I mentioned this excellent album as a pre-order.   Now it’s in stock.  After many years of silence, these guys are back with a polished, emotional, romance-tinged album that sounds as smooth and memorable as ever.   For those who enjoy a Depeche Mode ballad flavor, you’ll enjoy this one.  You can order the new CD here :

Hubert Kah ‘So80s Presents Hubert Kah” (2CD) $22 — I’ve been a long-time fan of Hubert Kah, one of the new wave icons of Germany.  This is by far the best, most complete collection of extended versions ever released for the band.  It even includes the English version of “The Picture” (later covered by Iris on their “Disconnect” album) along with a remix version and the original German long version, and many other hard-to-find treats.  Pick up the 2CD here :

Diary of Dreams “EgoX” $15 — This is the new album from the gothic, darkwave-flavored synth act, Diary of Dreams.    You can order the new album here :

Imperative Reaction “Imperative Reaction” $15 — Here’s the latest album from an intense industrial dance act.  You can watch a music video from the album and order the CD here :

For those who are wondering….yes, A Different Drum will be stocking the new De/Vision releases, including the import single, the US limited edition, and the German limited edition, so you can collect whichever you’d like.

Also, if you’d like a quick way to review the latest arrivals in the store, you can always pop onto the new release page here :

And if you want to see what sold the most the previous week through A Different Drum’s mail-order store, you can look here :

And you can re-read the old updates right here :

Thanks again for your friendship and support!

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