September 29, 2012

A Different Drum Update - September 29th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum.  It’s time for a little update for you, plus a couple more tidbits about how A Different Drum is changing…


De/Vision “Rockets and Swords” $15 — The new De/Vision album is available for order on A Different Drum’s page now.  The regular, US edition has 10 tracks and you can order it here :

If you prefer the limited German edition of “Rockets and Swords”, which has 12 tracks, you can order it here :

Daybehavior “Follow That Car” $18 — The long-awaited new album by Daybehavior is available as an import.  You can check out the trailer and order the CD here :


I’ve recently sent out some clearance lists for cool CD’s at great prices, and some of you have taken advantage of those.  However, I’ve seen a problem which has become discouraging to some CD shoppers when I do those “email only” lists.  The folks who are constantly checking their emails tend to jump right onto the most desired CD’s, and since I only have a couple left in stock, they sell out immediately and then I get a bunch of emails from people requesting CD’s that are no longer available.  I think that this has lessened people’s desire to order the clearance titles because they figure it is hopeless if they haven’t responded in the first few minutes.

So, as I pull together clearance items, as well as some older, out-of-print CD’s, etc. I’m going to list them on EBay.   Why?  Well, this way, each CD is listed for an entire week, giving everybody a chance to react and get a shot at the CD’s that they want.   I’ll start each CD at 99 cents, plus the usual shipping cost, and then let YOU decide what you are willing to pay.  I know that the whole “auction” approach doesn’t appeal to some people, but it seems the most fair way to give everybody a shot at a great deal.

If you would like to watch during the coming days and weeks as items are added to my EBay listings, here is the link to my EBay store :

There are only six items there at the moment, since I just barely started listing, but they will increase during the week.  I’ll probably begin offering more and more and more items this way, both old and new, through EBay, giving people a great chance to grab what they want.  Heck, even new releases may show up there.  Concerning shipping….if you bid and win on multiple items on EBay, then wait until I send you the invoice for your items via EBay, so I can adjust the shipping cost so that it matches what you would pay on A Different Drum’s website.   Thus you will not pay more for shipping by winning multiple items.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.  I’m sometimes slow to reply to emails these days since I’m only available to work with A Different Drum a couple times per week (you know…other full-time job, etc.), but I do reply to the emails I receive at


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