May 20, 2011

A Different Drum Update - May 20th, 2011

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Hello once again from A Different Drum!   I have a few new releases here that I’d like to tell you about, so let’s go…


Zynic “Fire Walk With Me” $20 — This is an excellent new synthpop act imported from Germany with strong production and catchy, smooth vocals.   They stand as one of the new bands to watch and will appeal to fans of the 90’s synthpop underground as well.   Listen to one of their songs and order the CD here :

Hurts “Sunday” (MCD) $11 — The blitz of hit singles continues to move forward with Hurts.  This latest single is for the collectors, featuring the title track plus a bonus song “Live Like Horses”.   For those of us who are anxious for a new album, this will have to keep us content a bit longer.   Watch the music video and order the single here :

Galaxy Hunter “Walk On Water - Spacesynth Odyssey” (2CD) $20 — This is a band that has touched on synthpop sounds from 30 years ago, playing a combination of instrumental “spacesynth” music as well as Italo Disco flavored vocal tunes.   Well, this newest release is imported from Poland and features two CD’s which nicely cover both dimensions    There is a disc of vocal laden tunes, and another disc with the instrumental stuff including a few tracks from their previous albums.   You can watch a music video for one of the songs and order the 2CD here :

Various Artists “Electropop 6″ $18 — The compilations in this series continue to come out at a steady pace, always featuring some of the latest synthpop tunes from around the world in exclusive remixes and extended versions.   You’ll find some bands that you know as well as many that you don’t.   There are tracks by acts like Mooger, I Hate This Place, Oblique, Vangard, etc.  So, explore the latest in synthpop and order the CD here :

Various Artists “Radio Fresh 80’s” (2CD) $26 — This new import compilation has quite a number of the “unusual” songs from the 80’s.  We’ve all seen the sets that have the same old hits over and over again, but how many are there with artists like these?   I haven’t even heard of some of them!  I like the inclusion of P4F (Propaganda for Frankie) which blended the excellent songs “P. Machinery” with “Relax” as well as the classic track “Jabdah” by spacesynth pioneers KOTO.  Check out the unique track list yourself and order the 2CD here :

I haven’t quite updated the radio player with a couple new songs from the above releases, but I’ll get that done during the day today so you can kick back and listen to fresh new music.  Of course, I wouldn’t mind if you purchased CD’s by the bands you enjoy after listening :-)

Thanks for your support!

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