June 8, 2012

A Different Drum Update - June 8th, 2012

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum, and I have a BIG update for you this week.  There are a lot of exciting new releases that rolled into the store.  Let’s run through them quickly so you can explore the new tunes and see what you’d like to add to your collection.


And One “S.T.O.P.” (limited edition “Home Box”) $50 — If you’re a bit collector and love And One, then you may want to gab this super-limited box set.  Not only does it contain the new album, but also the “Treibwerk” EP and a bunch of And One extras like a mousepad, stickers, buttons, postcards, and more.  It’s all packaged in a nice, large box that will look great on your shelf.  You an order the limited edition box here :

And One “S.T.O.P.” (limited edition 2CD) $22 — If you don’t need the box of extras, then you can still get the limited double-disc import edition which features the new album as well as the “Treibwerk” CD EP.  You can order the limited edition import here :

Midnight Resistance “The Mirror Cage” $20 — This import is the second album from Midnight Resistance, a band that A Different Drum introduced to the synthpop world a few years back.  The album has been anxiously anticipated and is now available.  You can listen to one of the songs and order the new CD here :

SPOCK “Another Piece of the Action - The Best of the SubSpace Years” $20 — This famed Swedish synthpop act has been silent for a while, and this new release revisits the favorite tracks from the latter years of their existence (after Energy Rekords, when they were on SubSpace Records).   So, pick up a nice dose of quirky, sci-fi flavored SPOCK favorites and order the CD here :

Alpha Point “High Like the Angels” $20 — This is a new, melodic futurepop act from Europe, and you can listen to a megamix of samples from the album to get the idea of what they are like.  Click here to hear the samples and order the new Alpha Point CD :

Continues “Continues” $20 — I liked the sound of this new act.  The synths are pure, and the voice has a very “new wave” feel to it.  You can listen to one of the songs and order the debut Continues album here :

Rygar “Modulation” $18 — A couple of well-known names from the spacesynth community teamed up to create this Rygar album, and you get exactly what you’d expect.  You get a CD packed with retro-flavored instrumental spacesynth music that will keep your body moving.  You can listen to the samples and order the new Rygar CD here :

Retronic Voice “Awakening” $18 — This new album is dripping with the old-school synthpop and italo-disco sound.  It’s like spacesynth music with vocal melodies for the synthpop fans.   You can listen to a song and order the new album here :

Joy Peters “Back to Joy” $18 — Another old-school italo-disco / synthpop name from the past is back with a CD collection of melodic, catchy synthpop tunes.  You can listen to a sample, and order the CD here :

The Frozen Autumn “Emotional Screening Device” $20 — Due to popular demand, this old album from The Frozen Autumn is again re-released on CD. You can order the CD here :

That should help keep you entertained for a while.  Thanks for your support, and have a wonderful weekend!  I’ll leave you with this announcement from Color Theory, for those of you who are interested:

Color Theory releases new EP: Adjustments Pt. 1
Brian Hazard of Color Theory has unveiled a new EP, his first collection of original material in nearly two years. Adjustments Pt. 1 contains five new songs and five remixes of those songs. This is the first of three Adjustments EPs, which will culminate in an album consisting of the best 10-11 songs.
1. What You Said
2. Drive You Home
3. Slot Machine
4. A Slip of the Finger
5. That
6. What You Said (Matt Mancid Remix)
7. Drive You Home (Robots With Rayguns Mix)
8. Slot Machine (Diskodikator Remix)
9. A Slip of the Finger (Adam Gubman Remix)
10. That (Neil Delta Mix)
Adjustments Pt. 1 is available directly from the artist at music.colortheory.com


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