July 11, 2012

A Different Drum Update - July 11th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  It’s time for a short update, which also begins another cycle of clearance titles on sale!

As I continue to streamline A Different Drum into a store that offers the latest independent and imported synthpop CD’s for the collectors, I’m going to thin out the existing inventory even more.  I’d like to create a simple catalog of the latest offerings, since I can’t afford to keep a large inventory always on hand.  Because of this effort, many titles that have been sitting on my shelves are going to be offered at email-only discount prices for those of you who read this update.

More about that…after the new releases.


Silica Gel “Lengua Mater” (2CDR) $20 — This is the newest album from one of Spain’s most exciting synthpop acts, Silica Gel.  It features a disc of all-new songs, plus a 2nd, bonus disc of extra remixes.  You can see the track list and listen to an album preview, as well as order the 2CD right here :

Peter Heppner “My Heart of Stone” $24 — This is the new album by Peter Heppner and it’s as marvelous as you’d expect from the ex-Wolfsheim vocalist.  I originally received the limited edition 2CD a couple of weeks ago, then sent out a tweet about it.  I immediately sold out of that limited edition and now only have the regular edition available for order.  Actually, I’m waiting for my new supply to arrive from Germany, but if you want to hop aboard, you can order that regular edition here (delivery may be delayed):

Speaking of limited editions, I still have a few copies left of the super-deluxe edition of And One’s new album available for order here with the collector box :


These CD’s are being sold at discount prices ONLY through this update.  If you want to order any of these titles, then please email todd@adifferentdrum.com with a list of the ones you want.  They will be shipped out on a first-come, first-serve basis.  I will send you an invoice for the titles that are available from your request, then you can complete the payment to receive your discounted CDs.

Here are the titles available this time:

A-Ha “Foot of the Mountain” $10
Akanoid “Civil Demon” $10
Alice in Videoland “A Million Thoughts And They’re All About You” $8
Alice in Videoland “She’s a Machine!” $8
Ambra “Sulphur Salt and Mercury” (MCD) $3
Ambra “Dream the Summer Back” (MCD) $3
Apoptygma Berzerk “Black EP Vol 2″ $6
Apoptygma Berzerk “You and Me Against the World” $8
Assemblage 23 “Compass” $8
Auto Auto “Celeste” $10
Autodafeh “Act of Faith” $8
Autodafeh “Re:Lectro” $4
Bionic “Close to Nature” $10
BeataBeatrix “In the Garden of Ecstasy” $6
Bio (Russian synthpop) $8
The Birthday Massacre “Pins and Needles” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Walking With Strangers” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Show and Tell” $10
The Birthday Massacre “Nothing & Nowhere” $10
Camouflage “Relocated” $12
Celluloide “Passion & Excitements” $10
Cosmic Intent “Collective Illusions” $6
Cruel Black Dove “The Myth and the Sum” $3
Cruel Black Dove “Full Powers” $3
Culture Kulture “Spirit” $10
Cyber Space “Future on Mars” $8
Deine Lakaien “Indicator” $12
Digital Machine (Russian synthpop) $8
Diary of Dreams “If” $8
Distance “At the End of All Things” $8
Dual Density “Soul Ecstasy” $10
Elevated Sins “Myth” (MCD) $3
Edge of Dawn “Stage Fright” $10
Edge of Dawn “Anything That Gets You Through the Night” $10
Endanger “Revolt” $10
Endanger “Die Show Muss Weitergehen” $6
Erasure “Tomorrow’s World” (2CD) $10
Estrange “On the Wane” $8
Frozen Plasma “Monumentum” $8
Funkervogt “Blutzoll (limited edition)” $10
Goodbye July “It Was Dark for So Long We Thought We Were Dead” $6
Headless “Imperfect: Mensch” $10

That’s the list for today.  Let me know if there is anything you’d like.  Again, it’s first-come, first-serve, and there are only one or two copies of most of these titles.


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