January 16, 2012

A Different Drum Update - January 16th, 2012

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Welcome to a new year!   This is Todd at A Different Drum.   Though I don’t have any new releases to tell you about right now, I wanted to send out the first update of the new year with a couple fun things that might interest you.

First of all, if you enjoy Facebook discussions, I just started one today on my wall, wondering about “the next wave” or “the next generation” of synthpop artists.   Feel free to comment.  Keep in mind that I don’t claim to know everything in records to this music scene (or anything else, for that matter) but I enjoy sharing my experiences and opinions.  I like reading other opinions as well.   Feel free to go to my Facebook page and join in:

Also, if you’re in a bargain shopping mood, I just listed 5 different bulk lots of CD’s on EBay.  These each include bunches of promos, mainstream alternative, etc. CD’s as well as a nice selection of synthpop.   They are not necessarily aimed at synthpop or electro fans, but are merely bulk lots of CD’s for those who like to explores a lot of music in a lot of styles.  If you are interested, then feel free to bid.  Heck, you may find a half-dozen CD’s that you love, and you can sell the rest back to your local used CD store or give them away, or whatever, and it may still be worth it for you :-)   Anyway, you can see those bulk lots here (copy links and paste them into your browser):






OK, I’ll leave you with that for this week.   Hopefully some new CD’s will roll in soon, in which case I’ll let you know.   Thanks for your support!


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