December 31, 2011

A Different Drum Update - HAPPY NEW YEAR

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Happy New Year!  And welcome to the last update from A Different Drum for 2011!

I know you’ve all been very busy with the holidays, as have I.  I’m going to use this update to mention a pile of recent releases that have come into A Different Drum’s store.  I decided to sweep through a bunch of cool synthpop releases that came out recently but were slow to get here for different reasons.  Hopefully this will help wrap up the synthpop year for you.

I don’t have time right now to walk through each release, since I have to go to my other job in a few minute (yep, working on New Year’s Eve).  But I did put video clips with most of these new releases so you can listen to them and decide what you like.  You’ll recognize several of the artists, like Endanger, Foretaste, IAMX, or Rational Youth.  Here are the titles newly added to A Different Drum’s store for you to order:

Liquid Divine ‘Sojourner EP” (CDEP) $14 — Several remixes and bonus tracks– the title track features vocals from singer of Seabound.  Order Here :

Mr Jones Machine “Monokrom” $20 — Synthpop band from Sweden, singing in Swedish on their third album.  Order Here :

Laudanum “Beyond the Doctrine” $20 — Third album from this European synthpop act.  Order Here :

Endanger “Die Show Mus Weitergehen” (MCD) $12 — Latest single with remixes and bonus tracks from German band, Endanger.  Order Here :

Felix Marc “The Muse” (MCD) $11 — The new, limited edition CD single from cool synthpop vocalist Felix Marc.  Order Here :

IAMX “Volatile Times” $26 — The latest album from European super-star.  Order Here :

Electrovot “Turning Point” $20 — Very cool new release from Germany with energetic sound.  Order Here :

Rational Youth “Coboloid Race / I Want to See the Light” (MCD) $10 — Another re-release / re-visitation of an old classic with new versions and bonus tracks.  Order Here :

Machine Made Pleasure “Reform” $12 — New album from US synthpop band.  First 10 orders will receive their previous album in their package for free!  Order Here :

Foretaste “Love On Demand” (limited edition) $22 — New album from French synthpop band.  Limited edition includes bonus live CD!  Order Here :

Wireframes “Keep Your Eyes On the Stars” $18 — New release imported from Russia featuring danceable, trance-flavored tunes.  Order Here :

There you go…some new stuff to explore to kick off your new year.  Thanks again!   Remember, you can always look here to see the latest arrivals in the store:


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