February 22, 2013

A Different Drum Update - February 22nd, 2013

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Hello once again from the frozen lands of A Different Drum.  Yep, it’s still cold outside…at least where I live.  But hey, a little synthpop might warm things up.

There are a couple new arrivals that I’d like to mention, plus I’m trying to get some good deals into the store for you.  The discounts continue on EBay, though I haven’t had much time to list stuff the last couple of weeks…but I also want to get some great deals in the store as well, so I’ll mention those here.


Rename “Not Just a Dream” (promo CD single) $16 — Rename has released another extremely limited promo single, and I only have a few, so order quickly if you’d like one.  There are seven versions of the title track on this CDR limited to 100 copies and autographed by Marcus.  Order here if you want one :

TQ “Let’s Go to Tokyo” (MCD) $12 — This is a cool single packed with 8 versions of a very retro-flavored synthpop / Italo-disco flavored song by TQ.  You can watch the video to hear the song, and you can order the CD here :

Coming soon… New MESH CD single, “Born to Lie”.   I’ll have the recent single on import CD for the fans and collectors.  I’ll add it to the website store as soon as it finally arrives from Germany.


Here are two imports from Argentina which A Different Drum has had in the store before, but if you missed them, now you can get them for a great price!  I’m trying to work out deals for synthpop fans, and this is one you might enjoy.  Each of these is only $5 for an entire, import album.

Hopeless “Believe” $5 — Watch the video, check out their sound, and if you like it, pick up the album for only $5!  Order it here :

Hidden Place “Weather Station - Early Works” $5 — Get some vintage, unique electronic pop music as re-issued and imported from Argentina, for only $5!  Listen to a track and order the CD here :


As usual, you can check out ongoing auctions here .  There isn’t much right now, but I’ll try to keep adding some good offers:



If you are a fan of the excellent band SYRIAN who have worked for many years with A Different Drum, then you’ll be happy to check out their digital single.  It is very much in the same sound as their “De-Synchronized” album and very catch:


Thanks for your support, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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