August 25, 2012

A Different Drum Update - August 25th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!   I’m back from a vacation last week, and then a busy week of trying to catch up.  Don’t you wish things didn’t pile up whenever we take a little break?

Anyway…there are a couple of new items in the store that I wanted to mention to you.  Plus, I’m going to be making another email-only clearance list soon, as I continue to downsize the number of titles sitting on my shelf.   I’m trying to make A Different Drum very stream-lined so I only focus on bringing in the hard-to-find, independent synthpop release while they’re hot off the presses, then keep moving onward to the next discoveries.  I don’t have time to maintain a store like I used to, but I want to keep things going the best I can for the collectors and fans like you who have supported me through the years.

So, watch for another list coming soon.  With this update, I’m going to mention a couple “bonus” items that I have temporarily in stock which are not listed on the website.   If you want them, you’ll have to email me.  But first… two new arrivals:

Distant Project “Extraordinary” CD $16 — This is the cool new album by Distant Project, imported from Argentina, and it sounds more polished and solid than their previous albums, which were already good to begin with.   Check out the sample and order the CD here :

Matt Mancid featuring RENAME “YouLove” (Promo CDR) $12 — This is a very limited promotional CD from Germany.  It is a collaboration between melodic trance artist, Matt Mancid, and Marcus of Rename on vocals.  It’s a wonderful vocal trance track, and the single features several promotional remixes.  I only have a few, so you can order your CD here :

BONUS ITEMS…email order only:

If you want these, email me directly.  I only have one or two of each, and they are not listed on the website.  I’ll send a Paypal invoice if you want them…

Rename “In the Mix” $24 — This is a very limited promo CDR featuring some remixes and demos that Rename has put together over the years, not previously released elsewhere.  It is signed by Marcus and only a few people in the world have it.

Iris “Unknown” (MCD) $12 — This is the out-of-print single by Iris featuring 5 tracks.  It sells for twice the price on Amazon, so if anybody wants this one as a back-up, or to collect, I have it for you.   It is opened (not shrinkwrapped).

Intact “Inner Workings” $10 — This classic synthpop treat from the US underground is the band from Ken Porter before he formed INTUITION.  Steven Bakos was on vocals with Intact.   Maybe somebody missed this one back in the day and you want it now?

Shades of Grey “All I Have to Give” $10 — Speaking of old, American synthpop underground…this one was released by Synthphony Records back in 2001 and may also be a missing piece in somebody’s collection?  Let me know if you want it.

If you’re interested in more of these older titles that I come across, and you want me to mention them in updates like this, just let me know.  Sometimes I think it’s fun when I come across them and think, “Hey, I remember that!”  So, I grab them or hold onto them for a while.  But if there are some of you out there who have a hard time coming across the older stuff, I’ll grab an extra whenever I can.


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