February 13, 2014

A Different Drum Update - 2/13/2014

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  I hope that you’re all having a good February.  There are some nasty winter storms hitting different parts of the USA right now, but here where I am, it’s almost like spring and the snow is melting as we get occasional rain.  I hope you’re enjoying the season wherever you are in the world!

There hasn’t been a lot going on in terms of A Different Drum’s store lately.  I did get some of the “part 2″ of the Isaac Junkie / Andy Bell single in stock.  I still have a few, so if you picked up part 1 and are interested in part 2, then order the CD here:

In my continuing effort to down-size A Different Drum’s store until it features only discounted items and new, boutique synthpop releases from independent artists, I’ve put a few more offers on EBay for you.  These “CD lot” deals help me to reduce the old inventory at clearance prices.  These usually sell for far below the cost of the CD’s, so you can get a great deal.  This time, I’m going to give individual links to some of those offers:

6 CD Lot featuring artists like Endless Shame, Endanger, And One, etc.
6 CD Lot featuring artists like Rupesh Cartel, Perfidious Words, Jens Bader, etc.
6 CD Lot featuring limited edition “A Different Mix” CD’s and more.
6 CD Lot featuring artists like Haberdashery, Edge of Dawn, Dekad, etc.
6 CD Lot featuring artists like Cosmicity, Faith Assembly, SPOCK, etc.
6 CD Lot featuring various dance CD’s.
16 CD Lot featuring several A Different Drum label releases, plus miscelaneous other used CD’s.
3 Limited Edition vinyl releases.

All of these auctions will be shipped via first class / air mail (priority in the USA), and the shipping price is calculated by EBay, based on the package weight and final destination, so be sure to consider the shipping price for your location when you bid.  Since I’m selling these cheap, I don’t want to cut corners on shipping and lose even more money, if you know what I mean.  I will try to list a few more auctions this weekend, so check back.  I really need to keep reducing my inventory.

Also, if you are interested in joining the VIP subscriber program, there are currently spots available.  Once again, this is a program where you pay a monthly fee to receive unique, limited edition releases.  Each release has only 300 CD’s made worldwide– 200 of those are shipped to the subscribers, and 100 to the artist.  So, there are limited spots available.  As subscribers leave, then other interested fans are allowed to join until the available CD’s are all claimed.  This will be more and more the focus of A Different Drum going into the future, since it is something I can manage with the limited hours I have available these days.  So far, a lot of people have enjoyed the limited edition releases, allowing them to fun, new synthpop music on a regular basis, and with CD’s that are destined to become collectibles.

Thanks for your support!

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