June 12, 2014

A Different Drum Update - June 12th, 2014

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  This is Todd with a little update for you.  I have a couple of new releases in the store that might interest you, plus a special, pre-order if you’re a fan of Space March.


Electro Planet “Way to the Planet” $15 — This new Russian import features a nice collection of old-school, melodic synthpop to keep you dancing and singing along.  Listen to the album sampler and order the CD here:

Rename “Extra Bounce 2″ $24 — This is an ultra-limited collection of rare tracks by Rename, including demos, remixes, etc.  There are only 55 numbered copies in the world.  You can see the complete track list and purchase one of the few CD’s that I have here:



Space March “It Must Be Obvious” $18 — This is a very limited edition release from Australia’s synthpop act, Space March.  It features cover versions of songs that have inspired the band through the years, including interpretations of Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, etc.  I’m only able to bring a few numbered copies to the fans who order through A Different Drum.  So, place your order as quickly as possible and I’ll reserve one for you.  This is a pre-order and will be shipped once the ordered copies arrive from the band.  Pre-order here:



If you are a VIP Subscriber, then you should have received (or will receive very soon) the latest package of limited edition releases by Vaylon and The Jellyrox.   The next 2-pack is in the works.  Thanks for your support!