December 27, 2013

A Different Drum Update - December 27th, 2013

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!  I hope that you all enjoyed a great Christmas, and that you are looking forward to a fun, fulfilling new year for 2014!  It seems that 2013 passed in a flash.  A Different Drum continued to see some changes as the label’s focus turned entirely to limited edition VIP releases and the store continued to “downsize” to feature primarily boutique, independent synthpop releases that deserve a moment in the spotlight.  In my own life, my work focus has necessarily turned to my full-time job as a music and lifestyles department manager in an entertainment retailer, which has been a lot of fun.  I only have one day per week to focus on A Different Drum, which is why it continues to operate on a much smaller scale than it did in the past.  All the same, I very much appreciated the support of the few, dedicated fans and friends, like you, who continue to purchase music from time and time, or who subscribe to the VIP program for every limited edition release.  Thanks!

This update is brief, with one new release having arrived in the store during Christmas week:

ALAN LAURIS “Q3″ $12 — This new release from the Dutch synthpop act is full of bouncy, bubbly, catchy tunes and quirky personality.  Check out the preview video and order the CD here:

NOTE:  The pre-orders for the CD single by Isaac Junkie featuring Andy Bell still have not shipped, since I have not received the package from the label in Mexico yet.  I’m guessing the slow-down is because of the usual holiday delays.  I hope that they arrive soon so I can ship your pre-orders ASAP.


My daughter has just uploaded some new EBay auctions for you.  There are several package deals with t-shirts and CD’s.  Check them out here:

Click on “items for sale” to see of of the items that are offered, including another autographed Alphaville DVD.

Have a wonderful weekend, and an incredible new year!

December 5, 2013

A Different Drum Update - December 5th, 2013

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This is Todd at A Different Drum.  I’d first like to announce that the 25% OFF sale continues through this weekend, but by Monday, the discount will be finished.  That’s just a few more days to select some CD’s you’d like to pick up for yourself or as gifts.   The discount is applied during “checkout”.

Speaking of “checking out”, I just want to remind users once again that you may get a “expired certificate” warning by your browser when you desire to order CD’s from A Different Drum’s website.  I let the certificate expire because I do not actually process any payment information through the website anyway.  Once you reach the point of paying for your order, you are forwarded to PAYPAL which is VERY secure to complete your checkout process.  Nothing is stored and transmitted on A Different Drum’s sight exact your name, address, and what you ordered so I can ship your order.  All payment information is securely processed by Paypal.

If you still have any concern, simply email me directly at with the list of items you would like to purchase, and I’ll email back a Paypal invoice that you can click to pay.

Now, for the new arrivals this week:

Electro Spectre “Pop Ghost - Limited Edition” $16 — This is a limited edition re-release of Electro Spectre’s first, 2007 album, including bonus tracks!  For fun, catchy synthpop, you can’t go wrong with Electro Spectre, and this edition features 8 bonus tracks!  Order the CD here:

Haberdashery “Pet Shop Boys” (CDEP) $7 — This is the new release by the romantic, smooth synthpop artist, Haberdashery.  It features four cover versions of songs by Pet Shop Boys.  Order this collectible release here:


Here are a few Holiday Special Deals that I just listed on EBay, ending in 5 days, so they can ship out to you next week if you win the auction.  There are some inexpensive 3-pack deals, a couple deals with t-shirts included, and a couple rare items.  You can see the auctions here:

Click on the “see all items” list to make sure you see everything I’ve listed.  I may add some more tomorrow and Saturday, depending on how much time I have.

Thanks for your support!