April 25, 2013

A Different Drum Update - April 25th, 2013

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Hello synthpop fans and friends of A Different Drum!

It is time for an update, and there are a few CD’s that have arrived in the store during the last couple of weeks.  Also, there are a few bulk-lot CD auctions that will be finishing today, if you want to jump in.  Though all the CD’s aren’t synthpop, there are several in each lot that ARE, and probably worth the low price with free shipping (in the USA only).  See those auctions here :



Mesh “Automation Baby” $15 — This is the new album by synthpop heroes, MESH.   They are always true to their sound and I haven’t heard them disappoint yet.  You can order their new CD here :

Concerning Mesh, there is an imported limited edition of the album, but I was unable to get any.  Yes…quite sad.  So, all I have is the regular, USA edition and not the expensive import.   Also, I had expected a shipment of the import CD single of “Born to Lie” weeks ago, but it never arrived.  I found out today that it was returned to the shipper, so now they have to ship it once again back to me.  I’ve had bad luck all around with this new Mesh stuff.  But alas, it will arrive eventually if you need the single too.

OMD “English Electric” $14 — Speaking of synthpop heroes and regular editions…  I also have the regular, USA release of OMD’s latest offering.  They are putting out some great stuff the last few years and it’s good to have them active again.   Order the new CD here :

Galactic Warriors “Under Attack” (2CD) $18 — For the fans of spacesynth music, here is a top-notch release for you!  This 2CD also features the “Return to Atlantis” album so you’re getting 2-for-1 here, and it is very polished instrumental synthpop with some heavy robot vocal additions.  Fun stuff!  Check out the album samples and order the 2CD here :

Informatik “Playing With Fire” $15 — For those of you who enjoy the more industrial-flavored dance music, Informatik has a new offering for you as well.  They have a solid following and a nice blend of industrial and synthpop sounds.   Pick up their new CD here :


I just picked up a good deal on a few old-school synthpop / new wave releases from Germany.  These are CD’s that present archive recordings from the past, so though they may be rough around the edges in terms of audio quality, they present a nice glimpse of synthpop’s early days in the underground.   The following releases are all $10, so a good deal for collectors.  I’ve put sample videos on all four releases so you can check out the sounds:

Sonnenbrandt “Gestern” $10 — Order the CD here :

Im Namen des Volkes “Volksmusik” $10 — Order the CD here :

Bal Pare “Ein Tag am Meer” $10 — Order the CD here :

Umpire “Another Substance Called” $10 — Order the CD here :

That’s all for this time, but I hope to have another update for you soon.  Thanks for your support!

April 8, 2013

A Different Drum Update - April 8th, 2013

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.   It’s time for a quick update, and guess what…. it’s also tax time!

Yes, as with every year, as April 15th approaches, it is time to pay taxes in the USA and it looks like I owe the state some money this year.  That means it’s time for a quick, “tax day sale”.   So, until April 15th, you can save 20% on your order through www.adifferentdrum.com   That excludes the new releases that have shown up in the last couple of months, but includes everything else.  The discount will show during CHECKOUT.

Check out the sale and grab what you’ve been wanting right away.

Also, there are a couple new releases that were added to the catalog this week.


Monica Jeffries “Back to Eden” $15 — Here is a fun synthpop import with a cool, female lead vocalist.  It’s bouncy, catchy, and fun.   You can check out samples of the entire album through the video and order the CD here :

Isaac Junkie featuring Andreas Kubat “Save Me From Myself” MCD $10 — Isaac Junkie is a Mexican electronic producer who likes teaming up with synthpop vocalists from around the world on collaborative singles.  Here is the latest project from Isaac, this time featuring vocal contributions from Andreas Kubat of Northern Lite.  The flavor of Isaac’s work is usually futurepop, with a blend of synthpop and industrial dance edge.  You can check out one of the songs and order the limited edition CD here :

Have a wonderful week, and for those of you in the USA who have procrastinated doing your taxes until now…best of luck to you!