March 25, 2013

A Different Drum Update - March 25th, 2013

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Well, we’re almost to the end of March already.  It seems time is flying by so much more quickly than it used to.

There are a couple new releases in A Different Drum’s store that I want to tell you about.


Hurts “Exile” $24 — I absolutely loved the first album by Hurts, discovering a band that could not only pack an electronic pop album full of emotion, but seemed able to make every song into a single-worthy pop anthem.  Their new album still has some of the emotion and drama, but also has more of an edge than the first.  You can listen to an album preview and order the German import of the limited edition (features a bonus DVD and extra songs) right here :

Space March “Mountain King” $15 — It seems we barely had a new album from Australia’s synthpop act, Space March, yet here is a new one with fresh, new songs.  The title track plays with some of the tune from the popular classical tune, “In the Hall of the Mountain King” and I liked the way it turned out.  I remember that Erasure did an instrumental synthpop version of that old tune many years ago.  Anyway, you can order the new album here :


I’ve been focusing on some 25-CD box lots on EBay the last couple of weeks.  There are currently three listed, and I’ll list some more when these are done.  The lots are not 100% synthpop, but they tend to be about half synthpop, and they’ve been going for about $10 lately, which makes them an extremely good deal (free shipping only in the USA).   So, check them out and maybe you’ll find a great deal– even if you only like 4 or 5 CD’s in the bunch, you’ll be getting a steal on them!

See the auctions here :

Thanks for your support!
-Todd Durrant

March 11, 2013

A Different Drum Update - March 11th, 2013

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This is Todd at A Different Drum.  As promised, here is another update with several Russian imports.  Not all of the CD’s in this update are by Russian bands, but most are released in Russia, where synthpop appears to be setting up a stronghold.  The scene there and the sounds coming out of these Russian labels reminds me a lot of the Swedish synthpop movement in the 90’s.   Anyway…on with the new arrivals!


Fate Creator “Creator of Fate” $15 — This is one of the edgier sounding releases in this week’s update with strong, pounding beats and some guitar samples thrown in for a powerful sound.  Check out samples from the entire album and order the CD here :

WANT/ed “Never Will Take it Back / Start to Live” $8 — Those who are VIP subscribers with A Different Drum are familiar with this band, as they received the limited edition version of their recent album.  This is an extended single packed with seventeen tracks including nine versions of “Never Will Take it Back” and five version of “Start to Live”, plus other bonuses.  You can see the track list and order the CD here :

Spreading Point “Re-Start (Re-Mixed)” $15 — This CD is packed with remixes of songs from the band’s self-released CDR, “Re-Start” and it features a lot of classic synthpop sounds and catchy melodies.   You can listen to samples from the album and order the CD here :

Inter-Connection “Traces from Heaven” $15 — Again, if you are a VIP subscriber, then you know Inter-Connection well, having received two stellar albums as limited editions through the club.  You may be surprised to know that they have yet another album available as a Russian import CD.  Here it is, and it is every bit as good!  You can listen to a couple of entire songs and order the CD here :

Note:  It looks like there is a copy or two floating around of Inter-Connection’s amazing “Chrome” album here :

Dark Phenomenon “Favour” $15 — We have had the “Disfavour” album in stock at A Different Drum for a while now, and it has been well received by fans of classic synthpop.  Now you can pick up the “Favour” CD which features remixes from that album.  It is packed with seventeen tracks and you can order the remix collection here :

Dark Phenomenon “Disfavour” $15 — As mentioned, this album has been in stock for a while, but if you haven’t checked it out, you can watch a video and order the CD here :

Various Artists “We Love Synthpop - The Album” (2CD) $15 — Oh, the good old days when you could discover a pile of new synthpop bands by picking up a sampler.  Well, here you go!  This release features two CD’s of artists pulled from around the world, waiting for you to discover!  Check out the tracklist, loaded with plenty of newcomers, and order the 2CD here :

Jens Bader “Unisex” $16 — OK, away from the Russian imports, and back to Germany.  Jens Bader cranks out albums like an electronic pop madman, apparently writing songs in every spare minute.  Here is the newest album, once again loaded with his signature synthpop sound and snappy lyrical attitude.  Order the new CD here :

Thanks again for your ongoing support, and I hope you have a wonderful week!   If you’re interested in seeing some auctions of bulk CD lots that I’m putting together, you can check them out here :

I’ll be adding more as the week progresses.


March 4, 2013

A Different Drum Update - March 4th, 2013

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This is Todd at A Different Drum with an update for my synthpop friends.

Today’s update can be called “From Russia With Love, Part 1″.  The synthpop scene seems to be thriving in Russia these days, and today I have a few Russian imports for you.  There is another batch of Russian imports on the way, so I’ll send another update when those arrive.  These should get you started on the right foot…

Mental Discipline “Constellation” $18 — This a slamming futurepop release packed with energy and some of the most noteworthy vocalists in the scene, including contributions from Felix Marc, Pulcher Femina, Endanger, Spektralized, Culture Kultur, Distain, etc.  You can listen to an entire album preview and order this excellent import CD here :

Digital Machine “If You Are With Me” $15 — Digital Machine plays synthpop with Russian language vocals, and has been a consistent seller for A Different Drum the last few years. They are one of the main staples in the Russian synthpop scene.   You can order their newest CD right here :

Various Artists “Synth Radio Russians Collection” $15 — Here is a great way to explore the Russian synthpop underground!  You can pick up this compilation CD with bands like Digital Machine, Mental Discipline, Want/ed, Purple Fog Side, Limelight, and many others!  Order this top-notch sampler here :

Also, if you’re not a member of the VIP Club, but you want to check out another Russian band called WANTed, then I believe there is still a CD or two available on Amazon where it was listed when it was released to the subscribers.  You can see it here :

Here is another Russian band that plays some excellent synthpop music, released a couple of years back.  I don’t think you’ll get the VIP edition if you order from Amazon, but the original edition.  But I see it is listed , and I think it is definitely worth a listen:

And here is one more Russian artist that was released to VIP subscribers, but I see that Amazon has a copy on hand.  This guy plays a more mellow, hypnotic synth sound with a few instrumentals, and a couple of tracks featuring vocals from Brian Hazard of Color Theory.  Check it out :

Anyway, I hope that helps get you going with some Russian synthpop, and as I mentioned above, I’ll have more for you very soon!