January 31, 2013

A Different Drum Update - January 31st, 2013

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Hello from A Different Drum!  I hope that you are all having a great week.  There are a couple new items that have arrived in the store, so here’s a little update for you…


The Azoic “Corruption” (CDEP) $11 — It is time for some new music from the popular synthpop / industrial dance act, The Azoic.  This 12-track CD is packed with six remixes of the title track, plus plenty of extras.  You can watch a video for “Corruption” and order the new CD here :

Lakeside X “City of Red Lights” $20 — I’ve always enjoyed the mood and music of Lakeside X (known originally as Lakeside Church).  I’m excited for this new album, which includes a bonus disc with that original first album so you can have the first and the latest together.   You can listen to some music and order the CD here :


For the VIP subscribers reading this update, the current plan is to ship another 2 CD’s together, which will include the compilation “What We’ve Done Lately” which features new songs and remixes from classic A Different Drum label artists, plus the compilation CD “A Different Mix 8″ featuring remixes from Syrian.  Those packages should leave in a couple of weeks.  We’re already preparing the next releases for you as well, which will include a unique US mixed edition of a Foretaste album, renamed to “American Terrorist TV Show” plus a new release from the Australian act, Alien Skin.  We’ve also got a planned release of greatest collaboration tracks from Isaac Junkie which features vocal appearances by several synthpop singers from around the world.  You’ll love these limited edition releases!

Thanks for your support.  Once again, if you’re interested in seeing some EBay auctions, check out the pile of current listings right here :


Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link which says “view all listings”.


Be sure to check out the EBay deal for a huge, 70-CD box lot including albums, singles, compilations, limited editions, etc.  Just having fun with this one :


Have a great day, and thanks for your support!

January 17, 2013

A Different Drum Update - January 17th, 2013

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This is Todd at A Different Drum, and I wish you a very happy new year!  Things have been quiet here, bringing in the new year with a lot of obligations outside of my music interests.  I wish I had more time to dedicated to A Different Drum, like I did years ago, but alas, at least I still have a little piece of this dream to keep me going.  I received a fun new release this week, so I thought I’d send out this message to let you know about it.


Galaxy Hunter “Quantum of Galaxy” $18 — Galaxy Hunter is a band that has been stocked in A Different Drum’s store for several years.  The main man in charge plays a very retro sound, influenced heavily by Euro disco and spacesynth.  Sometimes he leans on the instrumental side of the spectrum, while other times he pulls in a lovely female vocalist to sing along.  This new album does features some tunes with the vocalist and you can listen to one of the songs here, and then order the CD if you’d like :

I’m sorry there aren’t more new releases for you right now.  Of course, there is always new music out there, and many places to turn as you explore.  I’ll try to keep bringing in some of the hard-to-find independent releases a few at a time, and I’ll continue to focus on bringing unique CD releases to the VIP subscribers who have signed up to receive them.

Once again, I have a few items listed on EBay. Some of them are the same as before, but maybe you’ll find something worth picking up at a great price.  I also have a couple of boxes of DVD cases that I don’t need, in case you’d like some.  I’ll toss a couple of synthpop CD’s in the boxes of the winners if you should pick up those DVD cases, just to make it something of a bonus surprise.

You can see those auctions here :


Thanks for your support, and I hope to be in touch again soon :-)