December 20, 2012

A Different Drum Update - December 20th, 2012

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Hello friends of A Different Drum!   This will probably be my last update until after the holidays…so Merry Christmas!

There are a couple new releases in the store to wrap up 2012.  Again, with the focus on new bands and CD’s that are a bit harder to find, let’s check out the new arrivals…

Florence Foster Fan Club “Asymmetric” $18 — Imported from Brazil, this is the 2nd CD that A Different Drum has carried by Florence Foster Fan Club, a minimal synthpop act with a hypnotic, yet memorable sound.  I think you’ll like what you hear on the sample I’ve posted on the website.  You can hear them and order the CD here :

Legend “Fearless” $16 — Imported from Canada, you’ll quickly hear why there is a lot of buzz about this new darkwave, synthpop act.  Watch the video that I’ve linked on the website and see what you think.   You can order the CD here :

Remember, I’ve also got the new Eloquent CD in stock and available for order here :

A little update for the VIP Subscribers:

All of the VIP members in the USA have received their Inter-Connection “Life” CD’s already.  The overseas subscribers will received a package with 2 CD’s, including the Inter-Connection and also the new Munich Syndrome CD, which will begin shipped this weekend.   The planned “A Different Mix 8″ CD with Syrian remixes is going to be a bit late, since the band can’t master the CD until the holiday break, due to work schedules, but it will come out ASAP.  Also, the cool “What We’ve Done Lately” compilation featuring new tracks by several bands who have been released on A Different Drum’s label through the years…it is now in mastering and will also be coming out in January.  It features songs from B! Machine, Fantazja, Neuropa, Somegirl, Neuroactive, Rename, and more!   Also, Alien Skin is wrapping up a VIP CD release for us, and we’ve got a couple of new artists also lined up for early 2012 and an exclusive USA edition of an out-of-print album by the French act, Foretaste.   That let’s you know what is expected for the VIP’s.

Thanks for your support!

December 6, 2012

A Different Drum Update - December 6th, 2012

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Hello friends!  This is Todd at A Different Drum.   I wanted to let you know about some new releases that are in the store now, just in time for the holidays.


Eloquent “Party Favours” $12 — The new album from Eloquent is available for order now, and if features 17 new tracks!  You can watch a video and listen to a couple of the complete album tracks, and order the CD here :

Neuton Mouse “Dogmatica” $16 — Fans of spacesynth music, get ready for some new tunes!  This is one of two new releases from Spacesound Records which just arrived.  Fun, synthpoppy instrumental tunes to keep your fingers snapping!  Check out the album sampler and order the CD here :

Synthesis “Galaxy Fighters” $16 — After years of silence, Synthesis is back with new spacesynth music that is true to the genre, built around retro sounds with futuristic themes.  You can listen to an album sampler and order the CD here :

There are also some new EBAY listings that may interest you.  VERY COOL– I just listed a few out-of-print CD’s including some limited edition double-discs, plus some long out-of-print singles from A Different Drum’s label.   If you have holes to fill in your collection, or you’re a big fan, you may want to jump on these auctions.

You can see the auctions by going here :

There are CD’s by Iris, De/Vision, Neuropa, B! Machine, etc. plus a couple of the hard-to-find “Synthpop Club Anthems” volumes.

Thanks for your support!