January 30, 2012

A Different Drum - Email Problems.

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Hello, this is Todd at A Different Drum.  During the last few days, some of you told me that you were experiencing intermittent email problems when trying to reach me concerning orders or any other communications.  Then today, my email completely stopped.

I found the problem tonight and it is now fixed.  If you tried to place an order, but couldn’t during the last couple of days, or if you placed an order at all and haven’t heard from me, feel free to email me now at todd@adifferentdrum.com to confirm.  Send any emails again so I can hear from you and make sure I’m not missing anything.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

Concerning communications, the old phone number for A Different Drum is no longer valid.  Both the 1-888-88-SYNTH and the (435)563-0409 phone numbers will no longer reach the business.   This was done intentionally (unlike the accidental email problem).  During the last couple of years, I have used the phone less and less, and my customers have rarely used the phone either, since the internet is obviously preferred as a communications device these days.  So, I figured it was pointless to pay an extra $100 per month on something I wasn’t using.  It was with sadness that I cancelled that toll-free number which I’ve used for many years, dating way back to when I ran the physical store (yes…brick and mortar).  But, that’s over $1200 per year that I don’t have right now, so it’s time to move on…..or shall I say, time to move completely online :-)

If you need to communicate with me, please use the email address todd@adifferentdrum.com or you can message me on Facebook:

I’m happy to keep shipping your CD’s orders as usual.   I’m just trying to get the lines of communication worked out.