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Subscribers receive a unique, factory manufactured CD release each month, for only $14 in the USA and $17 overseas! That includes shipping! The VIP's already have a great collection including these releases:

Christopher Anton "Destination X" – ADDCD1299
Disreflect "Some Brittle Words" – ADDCD1303
Neuropa "Plastique People" – ADDCD1306
Haberdashery "2010 Remixes" – ADDCD1304
E-Gens "Fine! Shine! VIP Edition" – ADDCD1293
Faith Assembly "Dreams from Arcadia" – ADDCD1308
Color Theory "The Silence + Second Thoughts" - ADDCD1310
AvantGarde "Resurrected" – ADDCD1311
Intuition "Berlin Sky" – ADDCD1309
Moonlight Cove "Orphans of the Storm" – ADDCD1300
Various Artists "A Different Mix Volume 7" – ADDCD1312
Rename "Evolution " – ADDCD1314
Northern Kind "53 Degrees North - VIP Edition" – ADDCD1313
T-4-2 "Voltage" – ADDCD1315
Das Merman "Sharks" – ADDCD1316
Ruslan Tagirov "Standing On a Bridge" – ADDCD1320
Zero-EQ "Bugged Karma" – ADDCD1321
Celluloide "Numeriques 1" – ADDCD1318
Dekad "Strange Situations - The Singles" – ADDCD1319
Wave in Head "Remixed" – ADDCD1317
Inter-Connection "Chrome" – ADDCD1322
Arome Artificiel "Waiting" – ADDCD1323
Celluloide "Numeriques 2" – ADDCD1324
WANTed "A Few Steps Behind the Sun" – ADDCD1325
Supercraft "Nation 47" – ADDCD1326
Inter-Connection "Life" – ADDCD1328
Munich Syndrome "Robotika" – ADDCD1329
Various Artists "What We've Done Lately" – ADDCD1307
Various Artists "A Different Mix Volume 8" – ADDCD1327
Foretaste "American Terrorist TV Show" – ADDCD1330
Alien Skin "The Secret Garden" – ADDCD1333
Isaac Junkie "Best of 1998 to 2011" – ADDCD1332
Syrian "Death of a Sun" – ADDCD1337
Mooger "Recollection" – ADDCD1336
Social Ambitions "Purgatorio 07-13" – ADDCD1334
Scarlet Soho "Hit the Floor - Favorites and Rarities" – ADDCD1335
E-Gens "Renewed Light" – ADDCD1331
Saudade "Back to the Wall" – ADDCD1340
Inter-Connection "Strange World" – ADDCD1339
Sad January "Believe in Better" – ADDCD1338
Wave in Head "Im Augenblick" – ADDCD1341
The Jellyrox "Heta Himlen" – ADDCD1343
Vaylon "Primus - VIP Edition" – ADDCD1344
De New Technocrats "A Bittersweet Taste of Waste" – ADDCD1346
The Shade "Through Distant Times" – ADDCD1346
Vaylon "Magnum Opus Part 1" – ADDCD1345
Vaylon "Magnum Opus Part 2" – ADDCD1347


Obviously, not everybody enjoys the same kinds of electronic pop music-- we all have our specific tastes, and that's fine. Just remember, if you join as a subscriber, it is because you want to support it ALL. If you get a CD that isn't to your personal liking, feel free to sell it online through EBay, Amazon, or wherever. Since every release will be rare and sold-out instantly to subscribers, you might actually make a little profit. In fact, if you enjoy collecting and reselling music, you may try to subscribe more than once! However, please avoid unsubscribing and then resubscribing to "pick and choose" specific releases. Since there are limited subscriber CD's available, your surrendered spot may be taken by somebody else who wants to join.


The VIP Subscriber Program currently has openings! Email if you'd like to join now!